moMENtum Men Workshop
5RHYTHMS ® workshop led by Thierry Francois
February 16th - February 17th 2019., Antwerpen
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5Rhythms workshop for men

led by Thierry Francois

16-17.02.2019. Antwerpen


“It takes two men to make one brother.” Israel Zangwill


This 5 Rhythms workshop is an opportunity to gather up as men amongst men, simply as we are. So we can create some safe space, safe enough that we can start having  a deliberate and intentional act of movement that can lead us toward momentum.

Momentum demands movement, maybe a small step, but a step forward. That is how momentum starts. It’s the single spark that ignites the wildest fire. 

This workshop may be scary for some men. Sharing the same space, unease, challenge, vulnerability, struggle. A place where anger and frustration arises but by giving attention to each other will create a bond. A bond that will help us break through. Breakthrough is inevitable and so worthy.

Moving forward together, whatever we are at, whatever we face, whatever we are up to, but with the assurance that the map of 5 Rhythms holds us. The support of other men around will carry us with care. Then we just need to bring purpose and intention and follow our true calling. 

Follow , Focus, Surrender, Effortlessness, Wisdom … there is healing in that path.


Thierry: There are different currents on my life path, I am grateful to have met them and I am happy to bring them in my work. As a young boy I started to dance. Later, I met the theatre. It was like a revelation and I felt a strong desire to play and to be on stage. I completed my training with several other practices such as dance, mime and clown work. All that brought me further to meet the Gestalt therapy, a humanist method which gives flesh to the words.  I remember that I was a little reluctant to go to my first 5Rhythms class in 2000 and that I was totally won over when I came out as it perfectly satisfied my need to integrate the body in my practice. I started to go dancing occasionally, then more regularly, then in a more addicted way by going elsewhere exploring dance, in other countries, other cultures, other teachings. In 2009, I’ve been accepted for a 5Rhythms Teacher Training with Gabrielle Roth, and since then I am an accredited teacher. Another important thread in my life  is Men work (ManKind Project) where I stand as one of the leaders. I like to bring all those different aspects in my work and mix them with my enthusiasm for movement, my  passion for music, my lightness and humour and creativity that accepts all of this.


Price: 170€

Early bird price  150€  if registered before  January 13th.

Friday evening, 15th of February is an open class for everybody –  price is 16 €.


Venue: Walpurgis

Deurneleitje 6

2640 Mortsel – Antwerpen



Infoskatya@existence-in-body, Tel: +32 476 845 169