"MY DANCE, MY LIFE" Waves Level
5RHYTHMS ® workshop led by Thierry Francois
January 31st - February 2nd 2019., Cairo
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5Rhythms Movement Practice by Gabrielle Roth

Weekend Workshop led by Thierry Francois

31.01.-02.02. CAIRO


“Your body is the ground metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence. My way back into life was ecstatic dance.

I reentered my body by learning to move my self, to dance my own dance from the inside out, not the outside in.”

Gabrielle Roth


Created by Gabrielle Roth and practiced by tens of thousands worldwide, 5Rhythms® is a philosophy, perspective, performance art and a dynamic movement practice rooted in the principle that if you put the psyche in motion it will heal itself. Wherever the 5Rhythms are practiced, a community is born to dance, to sweat, to change, to support, and to provide a safe space for each of us to shatter the ego’s hold and awaken the juicy, unpredictable, fascinating, edge-walking, rock star part of ourselves that yearns to be free.

Thierry: “We begin with Flowing Rhythm to look for an anchorage, a connection to the ground that I can fully connect with. Flowing movement means to witness the moment and to find the path that would bring me into a continuous movement. The second landscape, Staccato Rhythm, allows me to define, or to redefine myself by realizing who I am when I set clear limits or when I clearly express my needs or when I am in action, in my yang. With the Rhythm of Chaos I deepen my understanding of what limits my quest for freedom and when I am fully aware of it, I am able to make space, to release the useless and to find new grounds for the exploration of myself as completely free and weightless. Lyrical Rhythm brings lightness of being, a dimension of self that handles its creative aspect, the aspect of re-invention, the shape-shifter. Stillness Rhythm comes at the end of this Wave with its dimension of calm and awareness and the desire to take time to integrate the experiences I just had. Just like in life, in 5Rhythms practice I meet myself, I meet the other and I meet the group of others, and find just the right place for me. “


No previous experience needed. This workshop is open to everybody.

This workshop counts as 2,5 days of Waves level prerequisites towards the 5Rhythms Teacher Training.


Thierry Francois: Around the age of 20, he experienced a revelation when he got involved with the theatre, having a strong desire to be on stage and to play. Having completed trainings for several other practices like dance, mime and clown, he was introduced to Gestalt therapy. Soon he became a therapist holding individual and group sessions in Paris and Zagreb. At the beginning of 2000’s, he came across 5Rhythms which completely won him over because it finally integrated bodywork into his practice. In 2010 he became certified and accredited 5Rhythms Teacher, Waves level, trained with Gabrielle Roth. He is also wholeheartedly involved with MenKind Project as a leader of groups. He puts his vast enthusiasm and experience into his work, communicating his passion with humour, lightness and creativity.


Venue: Vogue Center, 82 Abdel Aziz Fahmy St. Saint Fatima, Heliopolis, 1st Floor, Cairo

Schedule: Thursday18:30-21h, Friday 11-18h, Saturday 10-17h

Thursday evening is an open class.


Information and registration: Nadia, venus-spirit@yandex.com,  +201028933118