THE POWER OF LOVING Heartbeat level
5RHYTHMS ® workshop led by Silvija Tomčik
September 29th - September 30th 2018., Paris
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Heartbeat Level



Led by Silvija Tomčik


29-30.09.2018. PARIS


“The first creative task is to free the body to experience the power of being.

The second major task is to express the heart, freeing the emotions to experience the power of loving.”

Gabrielle Roth

On this weekend workshop we will explore the energy of our emotions. Transforming our relationship to them, by expressing and releasing what we still carry, we will find a way back to their purity and directness in the moment. 

Following Gabrielle’s Heartbeat map we will work with the five basic emotions – fear, anger, sadness, joy and compassion, and all their nuances that we don’t even need to name. These are an essential and vital part of what we feel when we feel love. When we love, our hearts are challenged to feel the full range of our emotions. Our practice is to find the fluidity from one to another, the honesty of emotion with ourselves and others, the clear embodiment that allows us to stay grounded and centred when a Wave of any emotion passes through us.

“The expression and release of our true feelings constitute the essence of loving. Love is essentially the primal energy of all our emotions flowing, of really feeling and responding moment by moment, situation by situation. Love is not a mood but a dynamic way of being. Living love, living powerfully through love, involves getting into the rhythm of the basic life energies that sustain us.” Gabrielle Roth


Silvija Tomčik, Certified 5Rhythms® Teacher (Waves and Heartbeat level) and Member of the Teaching Staff of 5Rhythms® Global.

Silvija has been organizing 5 Rhythms for 20 years and teaching regularly both nationally and internationally for the last 16 years. She brings her passion in a grounded way, teaching in a clear and imaginative way, blending humour with wisdom.

Time schedule: Saturday  11-18h, Sunday 10-16:30h

Prerequisites: 20 hours of Waves level with accredited 5Rhythms teacher

Venue: Ecole de danse Kim Kan, Studio des Rigoles

46 rue des Rigoles 75020 Paris M°11 Jourdain

Prices: Early booking price with non-refundable deposit until 25.08. is150 Euro. Full price is 180 Euro. Working team price is 100 Euro.

Discount for 5Rhythms teachers and Space holders is 25%.

Information and applications:

By e-mail: Thierry Francois,

By phone: Viktoria Gyukics, +33 (0) 7 51 56 09 49