Don’t be surprised if at the end of the workshop you find the experience surprising or if you feel that something you have known and felt for a long time has been strongly confirmed. If you feel that something inside you has moved or it has become still. If you feel that you have found something you have been searching for for some time now without knowing exactly what it was, or if this experience has showed you that this is not for you and directed you more clearly to what you search for and need. If you feel like signing up for the next workshop right away or if you wish to give yourself time for the impressions to settle. If you have met a part of yourself that you know well or a part you didn’t know existed. If you feel blissfully tired and ready to go to sleep or if you feel full of energy and ready for the next adventure. If you feel closer to your heart and emotions or if your mind is full of stories, memories, and ideas. If you have found answers or if you have found questions. If you feel that you need time and space to be alone or if you desire good company. If you feel the need to explore on the internet everything you can find on the 5 Rhythms or if you just wish to move on without any additional information. If you are eager to invite your friends to join you next time or if you wish for this to remain your ‘secret’. If you want to share your experience on Facebook or if you want to write about it in your private journal. If you feel like laughing or you well up with tears. If you feel that something within you has opened up or something has closed. If you feel closer to your feet or more connected with your arms. If you feel the need to say something or if you feel the need to listen to somebody. If you feel like hanging around longer and getting to know the people you met in the dance or if you feel like going home without delay and without a word. If at the end of a workshop you feel that something has been completed or that something has just begun.

Feel free to talk to the teacher(s) after the workshop if you feel the need to or contact them via email. We are always glad to hear your feedback or help answer your questions.

This practice, this dance brings us to the dynamics and truth of the present moment and I hope that we shall meet again in the field which in Rumi’s words lies “beyond ideas of right and wrong doing”.