April 2018

“You can’t fake the aftermath of an experience if you haven’t had the experience, and lyrical is the aftermath of chaos. Lyrical is the process of delightenment.” GABRIELLE ROTH


I pray to the Lyrical Rhythm to lift me up from the swamp of my personal chaos where I hold a VIP box, and in which I still get lost although I know it so well. It is as if I was born with it, as if I was born from it, as if I was born into it.

Lyrical lifts me up, it literally takes my hands, without fear of being dragged down with me. Lyrical fully knows its magic powers. Lyrical implicitly trusts its unique quality of lightness which comes after relief and release. At times it manages to lift me up even before my work has been done, and it often lifts me up while I am still entangled in the web of my own thoughts, in the limbo of my guilt and shame and accusation. For me Lyrical is like music. Music is in itself lyrical by nature. Created to inspire, guide and seduce us, to twist and turn us, to elate and enchant me, to open my eyes and ears. Music loves to introduce me to her friends, the other muses. I love it when they quarrel over me, who will welcome me in her lap first, when they are impatient, passionate each in her own right, each in her dress that sometimes completely falls off their bodies in the midst of their passion.

I love it when I see that I ended up in a different place without even noticing that I moved precisely because Lyrical works with such charm, such ease, so naturally, so subtly, so invisibly that I do not even get to resist it, argue, take out the list of all the reasons why I am no good and why it would do better to give up on me.

Lyrical is one of the reasons why I dance, why I live, why I am writing this. Lyrical teaches me how to share, regardless of whether my hands are full or empty, my heart open or closed, my mind calm or restless. In sharing I find gratitude not only in those with whom I share but within myself. It is a kind of lyrical sharing that transforms, that multiplies energy which moves and gets shared, the sharing that connects. I am more and more able to share with myself. When I go for a walk and see a lovely flower, I have learnt to share the experience with myself. It is the same with dancing. It is incredible how much pleasure I can find in my body’s movements, how much joy that does not depend on anyone outside of me or anything special, but simply buds and blossoms from my presence in my own and in the cosmic dance.


I hope we shall meet dancing this spring… Kisses, Silvija