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May 2018.

“When joy does come, it should be celebrated, although many of us are embarrassed by spontaneous bursts of elation. It’s not that we think there is something wrong with being joyful, but that we have a notion it’s not cool or sophisticated to be too joyful, or too openly emotional. We’re often as uncomfortable about having hearts as we are about having bodies.” GABRIELLE ROTH The joy of dancing. The joy of being alive. The […]

April 2018

“You can’t fake the aftermath of an experience if you haven’t had the experience, and lyrical is the aftermath of chaos. Lyrical is the process of delightenment.” GABRIELLE ROTH   I pray to the Lyrical Rhythm to lift me up from the swamp of my personal chaos where I hold a VIP box, and in which I still get lost although I know it so well. It is as if I was born with it, […]

March 2018

“So the body is where the dancing path to wholeness must begin.  Only when you truly inhabit your body can you begin the healing journey.” GABRIELLE ROTH   Dance was always for me the fastest route to that place where I feel I have lost myself and actually I found my true nature. From teenage years, this was a way for me to completely surrender to something else and stop being a victim of my […]

February 2018.

“Letting go of the known and receiving the unknown, we can sense new possibilities. When we expect change, life rarely disappoints us. In the dance we can get to know ourselves well enough to be aware of the judgments, expectations, and attachments that inevitably get in our way.” GABRIELLE ROTH   After a lovely and intense passage from the Old Year into the New, at our Tribal Dance workshop, I dove deep into my winter […]

January 2018.

“There is a dance only you can do, that exists only in you, here and now, always changing, always true. Are you willing to listen with fascination? If you are it will deliver you unto the self you have always dreamed you could be. This is a promise.” GABRIELLE ROTH   One thing that Flowing is teaching me is how to follow our own path by letting our own feet create that very path by […]