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April 2021

“Many of us have the idea that emotional energy is like fuel – if you spend it, use it, give it away, then you’ll have less. This energy, however, is not a commodity the becomes depleted with use. Like the blood in our circulatory system, it needs to flow, to be used up, and will replenish itself and keep us healthy.” GABRIELLE ROTH The teaching of the Wave has been a solid ground on my […]

March 2021

“Art is all around us and we are all artists. You may not be Picasso, but there’s a force within you which drives you to create art .The spirit of magic and creativity you bring to everything you do inspires what I call “everyday art”. Life is full of raw material – whether you work at the local bakery or in a corporate office, the level of awareness, attention, and inspiration you bring to your […]

February 2021

“What we want is what philosopher Paul Ricoeur calls “second naïveté”: a freshness of response, a spontaneity that is seasoned with wisdom and experience. And to achieve this we have to let our emotions surface, get to know and appropriate them: have them flowing in our life so that we fear what really threatens us, get angry at what invades our integrity, cry when we get hurt, smile when it all goes right, and care […]

January 2021

“In inertia our fullness is empty; in ecstasy our emptiness is full.” GABRIELLE ROTH   I wanted to write first about all the most important things I have learnt in 2020 to help me remember those lessons. Then I started making a list of all the things that I have lost and all the things that have arrived in my life last year to find some balance. After that I thought it would be better to […]

December 2020

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on.”  Hal Borland FLOWING: Turning around yourself to see your present situation from different angles. Where you are right now in your life, who you are being and what are you doing, who is around you and what is your place in this world.  Knowing all this helps you not to be determined by your present circumstances but to know your starting point. STACCATO:  […]