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April 2019

When you feel like you have lost your ground, like you are not following your own destiny, practice finding your feet that will find their ground and let them take you back into your Flowing.In the kingdom of Flowing you might find your home. When you feel all that you are doing has lost its juice and the tension is wrapped around your heart, practice moving your hips together with your heart and let them take […]

March 2019

Many people would come to me after the workshop and thank me for holding a space with so much permission. It made me curious about why this is so important and healing and how it helps us with whatever we are learning. There is a part in me that feels dictated by some rigid beliefs about what I must or should do as well as about what I can’t or shouldn’t do. “I must always […]

February 2019

I find myself lately saying when I am teaching « this is why this is a practice… ».  And sometimes I would even hear myself saying it so it got me interested to dig a bit deeper into it.  What are we practicing when moving with these 5 Rhythms, when dancing body parts, when doing walking meditation, when dancing with a partner or when dancing unity circle? For me the most general answer is that I am […]

January 2019

I am writing this just after our 9th Tribal Dance, 5 days workshop from Old to New Year (you can have a look here in this short video).  It was truly a full on one so this letter from me will be short and simple and hopefully sweet. I belong to my body.  My body belongs to the dance. I commit to my heart. My heart is committed to the love. I am co-creating with my mind. My […]

December 2018

May we find any possible way to feel more at home in our bodies, any possible way to feel alive in our bodies. May we find ways to give our bodies fresh air, clear water, nourishing food, safe touch, healing sleep. Again and Again. Practice.  May we find the discipline to keep coming back to our center, no matter how many times we loose it. May we find honesty with ourselves in the times when we are lying to […]