MORNING WAVES Wednesday Mornings


Teacher: Thierry Francois





This method, developed by an American dancer, theatre director, writer, composer and philosopher, Gabrielle Roth, is a simple and multilayered practice of movement and designed to satisfy the needs that arise in this day and age.

5Rhythms are a simple and powerful meditation in movement that anyone can practice – no matter what age, size, abilities or physical limitations. There are no steps to follow or learn. There is no way to do it right or wrong. The basic principle is: “If you move your body, the psyche will heal itself.”

Venue: Šareni studio, Tratinska 49, Zagreb

Time: 9-10:30h

Fee: 55 kunas, if you bring someone who is new to the 5Rhythms practice each person pays 45 kunas, working team pays 20 kunas. Monthly fee (4 classes) is 200 kunas.

No need to register, just show up!



“Before the morning dance I was hesitating whether to show up or not because I had a cold. I decided to come anyway and it totally paid off. After the dance I felt regenerated and refreshed. Dancing today I was celebrating my life, my body, and I felt happiness and joy. It felt good to interact with other dancers. Altogether it was a beautiful experience! In this modern age we rarely have the opportunity to relax and let go, and express ourselves through movement. We accumulate stress and have forgotten what it’s like to dance and move. I think everyone should explore what it’s like to be free and discover yourself within your physical body.”


“I don’t know why I attend the Rhythms classes on Wednesday mornings. It’s not like I can’t wait to roll out of my bed and on top of it move my arms and legs. Yet something pulls me there. Now, it could be Thierry whose gentle guidance encourages me to enter my body and really sit in it or his humor which “doesn’t allow” me to take myself so seriously… Maybe it’s the fact that when I move my body, it’s feels like lightness fills me up and what is heavy and frustrating is still there, yet somehow different… it all turns into a game. Then I realize later in the day that I wiggle my bum, and my legs are bouncing, something inside me is simply more alive. So, I don’t know why I go to the morning class as I really don’t feel like rolling out my bed when I’m all tucked in.”


“One Wednesday I attended the morning dance. What a beautifully awakening and stimulating experience! The morning dance has unlocked me again, freed me, encouraged me, moved me, awakened me, made me laugh, made me happy… And occurred in the perfect moment as a little reminder of freedom, joy and gratitude… It is beautiful to feel and see yourself as whole and beautiful… Dancing and after the dance. Days after the dance. Magic.”



Information and contact: Jadranka,, +385 981768274