ONLINE SWEAT YOUR PRAYERS once a month  on Saturday

Time: 19:30-21h

Classes are led by Thierry Francois in English.


This is a practice with minimal verbal instructions, but with a strong energetic space holding by a teacher. Supported by music, you are invited to follow your own movement through the 5Rhythms Wave, alone or /and with others.

This is an open practice and as such requires discipline. Although the teacher holds the intention and can offer general focus or introduction, each person must rely on him/herself to remain conscious and move through whatever shows up in the dance: confidence, fatigue, old sadness, new obsessions, judgments and comparisons, attractions and distractions.


We greet each other for the first 10 minutes, see if everyone can hear us well, answer practical questions and things like that. During that time you can communicate with us through the CHAT option, therefore in writing, as your microphones will be muted until the very end of the dance.
After that we start with a guided Wave. At the very end, we will have the opportunity for anyone who wants to share something with others and in that way we will “close the circle”.



13.06.2020. THIERRY




Recommended donation is 35 HRK/ 5 EUR

It’s “Pay what you can” model.

This means that you pay according to your current budget and what  you feel represents the fair exchange value. Therefore this may be less than the recommended amount, but also more. Thank you!
If you were unable to attend the workshop due to technical issues, we may divert the money paid for another date or pay it back to your account.

VERY IMPORTANT – it is very important for you to write down the date of the workshop you are paying for

You can pay in HRK and Euro on the account of the Association: 

Ples Ritmova

B. Magovca 147, Zagreb 10000


IBAN: HR5724840081101938238

 You can also pay via PayPal (but the provision in much higher)

 It is very important that you read all our instructions carefully, if necessary several times before the workshop, and not at the last minute or during the workshop, so that we can answer any question in time. We also recommend that when you get a link to music, try it out and get familiar with the app, how it works, how to turn on music, how to pause, how to get back to the beginning.



To begin with, please take some time before we gather to prepare your space. Here are some things to prepare and to consider.

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move and sweat in.

Please put your microphone on mute. That way neither teacher nor anybody else can hear you and you don’t have to worry whether your children or pets will interrupt you and you can make as much noise as you like.

Please set your space in a way that feels good to you. Turn on some ambient lighting if it’s available, light a candle if that suits you, and create some space where your practice will not be interrupted.

Please have your water near you so you can be present for the entire workshop duration. Please move in any way that you can, rather than just watching. Every Wave has got its beginning, middle and an end, so we recommend you to stay present until the very end.


When you register for the workshop, you immediately receive an email with all the info, the link to join the workshop and the music link.

The teacher will have a countdown, and on 3 everybody will press PLAY. If music starts on its own when you open the link, press pause and return to the beginning ( you can control that at the bottom of the page). When you open the Mixcloud link, at the bottom of the page there is an arrow in the shape of a circle.When you click on it, the music wave returns to the beginning (because music starts as soon as you visit the page). After that, click the Pausebutton (next to the title of the wave) so you can stop the music and click Playwhen it is agreed to do so. When the Wave ends, it often happens that another one starts immediately, so in that case you need to press pause or close the Mixcloud app. 

If you can, we recommend using ZOOM on one device and Mixcloud on another device, if that’s possible for you.

You may not need to download the Mixcloud application to use this link. So you will hear  the musicfrom your own computer, and the voice of a teacher through the Zoom app.


(thanks to Movement Medicine with Kaya Tamara Sertić)


Connect your computer to an external speaker if you can.

Download the free app.
You need a good internet connection and a PC or cell phone with a camera to participate. I also recommend using a wireless headset or speaker. Using a cell phone or tablet limits some of the features of the Zoom app, so a PC / laptop is the best option. If possible, use ADSL / Internet instead of WiFi to make sure your internet connection is good.

When asked:  JOIN AUDIO CONFERENCE BY COMPUTER – you click on that blue button. Otherwise you won’t be able to hear me.

Once the window opens, you’ve joined the meeting.

In the bottom left corner (at least on my laptop) you have a microphone image, please put it on MUTE immediately (if it won’t be already), otherwise we’ll have a bunch of noise.

IMPORTANT! Next to that microphone icon there is a small arrow that lets you choose where the sound source comes from (SELECT A SPEAKER ), whether it comes straight out of the computer or the speaker you plugged in) – select the SPEAKER that you’ve plugged in, if you have plugged it in. If you are using just your computer for sound, you do not need to select anything. 

You regulate the VOLUME CONTROL on your own (the way you adjust it).

If you do not want to be seen, besides the microphone icon there is a ‘STOP VIDEO’ option, you can also select it. Still, it’s wonderful that we can all see each other.

It really helps me when you leave your VIDEO on, as I can then see you moving and follow you and get inspired by you, the same way I would be if we were all in one dance space. 

In the upper right corner (again, on my laptop) you have a choice of what your screen looks like, whether all the other attendees are there, or if you only see a couple of them, adjust it to your liking. The option to see more people at the same time is called: GALLERY VIEW.

And finally, have patience, it’s possible that many technical things won’t work, including the possibility of not being able to join the class because of a system overload.

And maybe everything goes smooth.