Time: 19:30-21:30h

Classes are led by Thierry Francois in English.


This is a practice with minimal verbal instructions, but with a strong energetic space holding by a teacher. Supported by music, you are invited to follow your own movement through the 5Rhythms Wave, alone or /and with others.

This is an open practice and as such requires discipline. Although the teacher holds the intention and can offer general focus or introduction, each person must rely on him/herself to remain conscious and move through whatever shows up in the dance: confidence, fatigue, old sadness, new obsessions, judgments and comparisons, attractions and distractions.


We greet each other for the first 10 minutes, see if everyone can hear us well, answer practical questions and things like that. During that time you can communicate with us through the CHAT option, therefore in writing, as your microphones will be muted until the very end of the dance.
After that we start with a guided Wave. At the very end, we will have the opportunity for anyone who wants to share something with others and in that way we will “close the circle”.

JUNE 2021 

19.06.  Thierry Francois

LOCATION: Češki Dom, Šubićeva 20, Zagreb


Because of COVID we have limited places in the space to 32 dancers. Please register online.