December 2017

“You are  a wave of energy, a partner in the cosmic dance, a spark of the consuming fire that lights and moves all things, surrendered to the force of life pulsing through you.” GABRIELLE ROTH


I want to acknowledge this invisible force that brings us together on each class or workshop, the mysterious thread that connect us in the right place and in the right moment. How did I find you, how did you find me, how did we find the 5Rhythms, how did the 5Rhythms find us?!? I don’t really want to know the answers, I am learning here and now to trust this force of life and enjoy the surprises.  I feel somehow a part of my job as a teacher is to remove all the obstacles that stand in between us and the dance. The dance that is our birth right, the dance that is our soul mate, the dance that is our home. I feel so blessed to have the honour and privilege to hold space for us befriending our bodies, loving our emotions, opening our minds and rooting our souls. It is truly a gift to witness the very  humanity in its raw organic version that is so easy to fall in love with, and so much kindness that can happen on the dance floor tribes, towards ourselves and others. I am so aware that I can not to anything I do in this work alone. All of my work is possible thanks to steady support of my beloved family, my inspiring teachers and assistants, the 5Rhythms global teachers tribe that I can reach out to about anything and everything at any time,  my amazing organisers and crews and flyer designer, and to each of you and you and you and you and you and you…    I want to remind us all to include ourselves in this time of celebration and gifts, our happiness and wellbeing is the best gift to our family, friends and community. Maybe what you need is one of these workshops and maybe a winter’s pause and dream. 

With love, Silvija