March 2020

“Energy moves in waves. Waves moves in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms. A human being is just that, energy, waves, patterns, rhythms. Nothing more. Nothing less. A dance.” GABRIELLE ROTH

When I found 5Rhythms practice, it was all about the dance for me, the freedom and sense of belonging. I loved surrendering to the Wave after Wave. Then with time I enjoyed so much getting to know the difference between each of the 5 Rhythms, how unique and how complementary they are to each other, and learn from their embodiment. The embodiment took me deeper into understanding of how I can use each rhythm as a medicine for different parts of me and for different situations.
It feels very much as I was all this time searching for myself looking into a mirror of the Rhythms, feeling where I feel safe and comfortable and where I am challenged to the point I want to avoid it and skip it all together. I could see how it was easy to get attached and identify with one of them, and how that would change as times would change, as I would change. And now more and more I am fascinated about how they all actually teach me to keep moving, to keep breathing and to follow the energy. 
When we stay too long only in Flowing, where our energy is going inwards, and we follow our body’s needs, and wherever our feet take us, we can end up going in circles and eventually being pulled down the drain into inertia and feeling too safe and too comfortable there so that we do not want to move out of it, not even to change a TV channel.
When we focus too much only on Staccato, where our attention is on the linear moving and thinking and reaching out to the world, we can easily get too tense in our bodies and rigid in our hearts, seeing only white and black, right and wrong and eventually feeling separate from the world and people in it. 
When we go too deep only in Chaos, where we are letting the head go and letting our mind to be everywhere in our bodies so we become mindful, we can end up being more confused and starting to lose the ground beneath our feet, lost in the brain storms and feeling overwhelmed.
When we buy only one way ticket to Lyrical, where we are able to be fascinated with so many details and not getting attached to any and also rise high enough to enjoy the bigger mandala of our life, we can find ourselves flying into outer space and leaving the body alone and abandoning the present moment all together. Wanting it all to be pink and light all the time we start lying to ourselves and the fake smile on our face is hurting more than the pain we are trying to cover. 
When we get absorbed for too long just with Stillness, where we are moving with the mystery, connecting with our true essence by emptying our ideas of what spirit and divine and truth is, we can get so so so still that we actually stop breathing, and then we stop feeling and it is like living in a bubble where even the hope has left the building/bubble.

Next time you practice 5Rhythms, pay attention to the transitions between the Rhythms, and those moments when a part of you wants to stay in something familiar and known, and how the energy wants to naturally move and shift and transform and grow and complete the Wave. 
With love