December 2020

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on.”  Hal Borland


FLOWING: Turning around yourself to see your present situation from different angles. Where you are right now in your life, who you are being and what are you doing, who is around you and what is your place in this world.  Knowing all this helps you not to be determined by your present circumstances but to know your starting point.

Feeling which parts of our heart are calling us to be more present and to be met in our body. Touching the aches and pains with loving awareness of my neck, hands, hips, feet…
Facing our regrets, guilt and blames for what is behind us with courage and compassion to find the hope for what is in front of us. 

Changing the way we move can change the way we feel can change the way we see things can change the way we think. 
Releasing deep enough so we make sure that we end up with enough of the empty space inside of us for something new, something different.

Celebrating all the things that make you feel alive and not all of them are pretty or light. Expanding capacity for pleasure. Dancing to relief our soul. 
What is the best that can happen?

Thanks to the wisdom we can bow in front of the ending. Thanks to the amazing grace we can open up to the forgiveness. Thanks to our presence we can rest in the abundance of emptiness. 

With love, Silvija