"COLLISION COURSE" Heartbeat Level
5RHYTHMS ® workshop led by Tammy Burnstein
October 25th - October 27th 2019., Zagreb
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5Rhythms Heartbeat workshop with Tammy Burstein

25-27.10.2019 ZAGREB


“There’s nothing cleaner, more effective than appropriate anger.” Gabrielle Roth


If fear is the guardian of life force, anger is the defender. Most of us learned early on to listen to fear, hear its wise counsel, and heed its message. But, many of us learned early on to not listen to anger in the same way we do fear. Instead of listening to anger’s voice, hearing its truth, and acting from the heart, we may have learned to shut down, shut out, and shut up our anger. Or, we may have learned to listen but not hear, react instead of act, feed on its power instead of heeding its strength.

Being on a Collision Course is something that we’ve all experienced at sometime or another, one way or another, and we all have different ways of navigating the streets and avenues that got us there. Finding our way to a direct way through requires a clear map, one that gives us the space to see how we get lost, how we can re-position, and how we can learn to travel in the clearest direction. Letting the 5Rhythms Wave be our map we’ll explore, examine, and exhale Anger from every angle, whether on the edge or off to the side, finding an open-hearted road that leads from collision course to open expressways.

Anger is a dance that all of us have (even those of us who say they have no anger). It’s one that we all have a right and a responsibility to learn to dance with, both with passion and compassion. Every step we take towards embodying our anger by recognizing all of its shapes and faces, brings us closer to befriending anger as a partner in living a courageous life filled with the possibility of loving truthfully. Care to dance?


Tammy started practicing the 5Rhythms® in the 20th century, emerged as a 5Rhythms® teaching at the dawn of the 21st, and has been living them since before she knew they existed. She is an urban life form who makes New York City her home base and soul inspiration. An itinerant wonderer she is a Moving Center NY and 5Rhythms Teacher Training teaching staff member, teaching the Waves (2001), Heartbeat (2010) and Cycles (2015) maps locally and globally. She has made her living as a dancer, a lighting designer, a travel agent, and a librarian. She creates her life dancing the 5Rhythms®.


“Tammy is an exceptional woman, teacher and DJ both on and off the floor. I encourage you all to experience the grounded, soft, wild dancing space that she has created.” Jonathan Horan, Director of The Moving Center School New York


Prerequisites is one weekend Waves workshop or 15 hours of Waves classes.

This workshop counts as 2,5 days of Heartbeat towards Teacher Training.


LOCATION: Češki dom, Šubićeva 20, Zagreb

TIME SCHEDULE: Friday 19-21:30h, Saturday 11-18h, Sunday 11-17h

PRICES: Full price is 120 Euro. Early booking price with non-refundable deposit of 50 Euro until 10th of September, is 90 Euro.