5RHYTHMS ® workshop led by Thierry Francois
September 20th - September 22nd 2019., Belgrade
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From inertia to inspiration

Led by Thierry Francois 

20-22.09.2019. BELGRADE


“The path to ecstasy is up through 5 levels of consciousness, 5 layers through which energy most naturally flows from purely physical existence to its highest potential.” Gabrielle Roth


We spend a good part of our lives struggling with who we really are, who prevents us from being fully ourselves. “From Inertia to Inspiration” takes us by the hand to unfold the thread of our own movement, our “feeling”, our desire to move from the source of life.

From inertia, a place from which to start, then finding the way out of this static state. A step to allow ourselves to move out of inertia into energising movement.
 Imitation is a vital part of our path, a way to learn, a catalyst for change. Following this practice gets us moving in the direction of spiritual liberation. Intuition, from deep within , embracing and paying attention to our rooted connection , our creative self. And the simplest way to enhance our intuitive power is to exercise them.

Imagination to mobilise our natural gifts, our talent, our potential, our realisation all things we are meant to be doing .Being generous in our imagination.
Inspiration when there is only dancing, no thoughts , no creation, no doing, just the dancing , just the moving center. The inspired dance , with the sense of sacredness, ritualistic, the sense of mystery.

This is a weekend to embody these aspects of myself connected to some other inspired and inspiring human being . A dance , nothing more, nothing less.


Workshop is led in English. No previous experience needed. This workshop counts as Waves Level prerequisites towards the Teacher Training.


Thierry about himself: “I’m French and I live in Zagreb. I’ve been teaching the Five Rhythms practice for 8 years now. I discovered the practice in 2002 and it has changed significantly my view of movement and being on the move. I’ve met Gabrielle Roth first through her books and then on trainings in the US and France. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to be her disciple. Learning of 5Rhythms practice is the way that changes and moves, and what I especially love is the dimension of unity we achieve through body, heart, and spirit. I am married to Silvija Tomcik and the father of little Numa. I come from the theater, I’m a Certified Gestalt therapist and I have been developing for a number of years by dealing with the Male aspect, as one of the leaders of the Mankind project. I like to explore creativity through music and various artistic forms, and especially through everything that arises on the dance floor.

My approach is holistic. This means I view and acknowledge the whole of you, including your values and beliefs, age, shape, physical limitations, cultural heritage and past. 

I don’t view you as a set of problems or issues to be fixed. I support you in building your sense of wholeness so that you may begin to accept all parts of yourself. I see all aspects of you as interconnected and a vital part of you.“


Location: center of Belgrade – to be confirmed


Satnica:  Friday (Open Class) 19-21:30h

Saturday 11-18h

Sunday 10:30-17h


Cene: Early booking price with non-refundable deposit until 5th of September is 65 Euro. Full price is 80 Euro.

Only Friday class: early booking until 5th of September is 12 Euro. Full price is 17 Euro.


Info: Marija Bojinovic na [email protected], +381 603182975