"JUICY" Heartbeat Level
5RHYTHMS ® workshop led by Silvija Tomčik
June 11th - June 13th 2021. Rome
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"If the heart is not free to experience the power of loving, if we are emotionally blocked and holding back feelings, there is no way we can experience total orgasm, or total well-being."
Gabrielle Roth


Heartbeat Level

In this workshop we begin by working with liberating life energy in our physical body and welcoming physical movement. We’ll then continue liberating life energy in our emotional body, our heart, and welcoming emotional movement.

As our hearts get juicy again, our sexuality is awakened in our moving bodies and so we will explore the connection between our emotional and sexual lives.

And as part of that exploration we will investigate how dance and moving meditation can serve our sexual healing. How can we take responsibility for our sexual energy, and its direction and manifestation, instead of burying it under layers of guilt? How can we first enjoy it for ourselves before we have to blame it on somebody else or just give it away like there’s no tomorrow? How can we heal the shame we carry about our body, our heart, our sexuality? What do we need to feel safe and secure in our own body and its appetites, in our own heart and its desires so that eventually we could meet somebody else’s appetites and desires?
The dance floor is a safe and sacred space to move with our juiciness, and the 5Rhythms map will guide us. I am curious about what is needed to make a bridge between our heart and our sexual energy, and what they can co-create together. How fear becomes excitement, how anger becomes passion, how sadness can be released orgasmically, how generous we can be in our joy and how the unity of breath, beat and body can unite us with the Divine and with the Universe.

Prerequisites: 15 hours of Waves classes or 1 weekend workshop with a certified teacher.

This workshop counts as 2,5 days of Heartbeat Level towards the Teacher Training.

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