"LET IT BE" Heartbeat Level
5RHYTHMS ® workshop led by Silvija Tomčik
September 15th - September 17th 2023. Arbizu
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5Rhythms Movement Practice
Heartbeat Residential Workshop

Led by Silvija Tomčik

Arbizu, Navarra, SPAIN



“We have to let our emotions surface, get to know and appropriate them, have them flowing in our life so that we fear what really threatens us, get angry at what invades our integrity, cry when we get hurt, smile when it all goes right, and care about the real needs of others.”  Gabrielle Roth


In the same way our bodies are moving, our emotions are moving.
On this workshop we will open up and deepen our curiosity and fascination with the very movement of our emotions. And they move in mysterious ways…
We don’t feel linear, how we feel so often doesn’t make sense, or doesn’t meet ours or others expectations. As in  Waves practice we sink deeper into the rhythms of our body, in Heartbeat practice we learn how to trust the flow and the beats of our hearts.
The invitation is to step out from the head and stand right next to our emotions, and hear and see and feel their personal, intimate and direct messages to us.
Relaxing into the wisdom of our body, and supported by all the Waves we have danced, we will move together through the teachings of our heart – how fear protects us, anger defends us, sadness releases us, joy uplifts us and compassion unites us.


Silvija Tomčik, was introduced 22 years ago to Gabrielle Roth’s teachings through her book Maps to Ecstasy. It was a powerful encounter, which motivated Silvija to begin searching for teachers of the 5Rhythms to begin her dancing path. Since then she has been organizing 5Rhythms workshops in Croatia bringing it for the first time to this part of the world. At the time she was working in the Center for Peace Studies and leading workshops on gender issues. She has finished Waves Teacher Training with Gabrielle in 2001., and in 2010. the Heartbeat Teacher Training. Silvija has been a part of the Teacher Training Staff with Jonathan Horan 2013-2020. She teaches weekend and residential workshops around the world; using her imagination, great variety of music, her grounded way of dancing and her love for the freedom of being in the body to prompt people to discover their personal dance and healing movement.


“Silvija’a teaching is warm and clear, a fine balance of strong clarity and tender vulnerability. She is respectful of the vulnerability of the human heart, while standing strong in her commitment to do what is needed. I felt that we were on a journey together and together we would face the risks of letting the heart be.” Karen Rose Ramsey, 5Rhythms teacher


“The clarity of glass, the wild fluidity of a whirlpool, the determined strength of an oak tree and the compassion of a very human heart – wrapped up with humour and honesty.” Ben Deutsch, 5Rhythms teacher


Prerequisites: 15 hours of Waves with accredited 5Rhythms teacher. This workshop counts as 2 days of Heartbeat level towards the Teacher Training. 


Time schedule:

Friday at 18.00 – 20.30

Saturday 10.15-13.15 and 17.15-20.15

Sunday 10-13 and 15.00 -18.00


Venue: Eco Camping Arbizu, https://campingarbizu.com/en/


How to travel:  

By plane

Bilbao International Airport is at 1:20h.

San Sebastian Airport is at 1:20h

From the two airports to Arbizu, we will coordinate pick-up and transfer with cars.

By train

To Vitoria and Pamplona

Then to get to Arbizu, both from Vitoria and Pamplona, train to Etxarri-Aranatz

We will coordinate pick-up in Etxarri-Aranatz (15 min. From Arbizu)


Workhop prices:

Full price is 190 Euro.

Early booking price until 30.06. is 160 Euro.

Bookings with non-refundable deposit of 100 Euro.


Accommodation and food prices:

In Hostel: 

Rooms 3-6 people: 12,5€/ per person and day

There are 8 houses to share between 4 people and 5 houses to share between 2 people. They have an extra sofa bed in the hall.

Little houses (4 people) 84€ per day – 21€ per person and day

Little houses (2 people) 75€per day  – 37,5€ per person and day

Arranged Meals for the group:

Continental Breakfast 5€

Lunch 13,5€

Dinner 13,5€

Total full board per day per person is 32€

As there is a Restaurant and a food store people staying in the houses may cook in there or eat in the restaurant on request.

Accommodation and Food will be paid at arrival in the venue.


Contact and information:

Hermes Terapia Integral

Ana o Azahara: 945142677