“LIGHT OF HEART” Heartbeat Level
5RHYTHMS ® workshop led by Tammy Burnstein
May 12th - May 14th 2023. Zagreb
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LIGHT OF HEART:  a 5Rhythms® Heartbeat Joy-quest(ion)

Led by Tammy Burstein

12-14.05.2023. ZAGREB


Dear Dancer,

Please accept this is invitation to join a treasure hunt for delight.




Huh? What on earth?  Did I send that?

Well no you didn’t.  But maybe without even knowing it you have been on that quest.  Or maybe you’ve known it but have been too busy to surrender to the question.  Or maybe you just don’t remember the last time you laughed uncontrollably,

Do you remember the last time that you baltered (Definition:  to dance artlessly, without particular grace or skill but usually with enjoyment.)?  That you felt the weight fall off of your shoulders?  That your chest felt loose and your feet fleet?  That your face relaxed and your eyes widened with wonder?

In this weekend workshop we will replace work with curiosity and enter into the curiosity shop that is our relationship with the big, possibly heavy weight of the word Joy.   We’ll wrestle if to the ground and tickle it to life.  We’ll tip toe around it, get in it’s face, rock rattle and roil it, and dance into the lightness of being.


“Allow yourself to trust joy and embrace it.  You will find you dance with everything.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


Prerequisite:  15 hours of Waves classes, or one weekend Wave workshop.

Note:  This workshop counts towards Teacher training prerequisites as 2,5 Heartbeat Days.


Tammy started practicing the 5Rhythms® in the 20th century, emerged as a 5Rhythms® teaching at the dawn of the 21st, and has been living them since before she knew they existed. She is an urban life form who makes New York her home base and soul inspiration. An itinerant wonderer she is a Moving Center NY and 5Rhythms Teacher Training teaching staff member, teaching the Waves (2001), Heartbeat (2010) and Cycles (2015) maps locally and globally. She has made her living as a dancer, a lighting designer, a travel agent, and a librarian. She creates her life dancing the 5Rhythms®.


“Tammy is an exceptional woman, teacher and DJ both on and off the floor. I encourage you all to experience the grounded, soft, wild dancing space that she has created.” Jonathan Horan


Location: Češki dom, Šubićeva 20, Zagreb


Time schedule: Friday 19-21:30h, Saturday 11-18h, Sunday 11-17h


Prices: Full price is 150 Euro. Early booking price with non-refundable deposit of 50 Euro until 12th of March, is 120 Euro. Working team price is 80 Euro. Discount for 5RTA members is 15%. 


Information and contact: admin@plesritmova.net, +385 91 565 8084