"TRIBAL DANCE" Waves Level
5RHYTHMS ® workshop led by Silvija & Thierry
December 29th - January 2nd 2023. Leibnitz
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5 Days 5 Rhythms® Workshop 

from Old Year to New Year

Led by Silvija Tomčik with Thierry Francois

29.12.2022 – 02.01.2023

Leibnitz, Austria


“The 5 Rhythms community is a 21st century tribe unbound by history, culture, race, religion, gender or politics. We are bound by the beat, following our feet on a dancing path to freedom. We are beat-driven, service oriented, heart-based individuals who come together to embrace our tribal longings. The measure of a community is its respect of its elders, the innocence of its children, the passion of its artists and the hope of its healers.” Gabrielle Roth


Tribal dance is a gathering of dancers coming together from different places to reflect, heal and let go with gratitude the year that has passed, as well as welcome the new one with our intentions, visions and inspirations. It is an opportunity to celebrate unity through our uniqueness. 

This year’s Tribal Dance is inspired by the wisdom, culture and art from India.  

This workshop will be a balanced combination of basic 5Rhythms® teachings, 2 dancing ceremonies and some surprise additions to the program. 

5Rhythms®: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness – show us the way to be rooted, centered, powerful, visionary and in Love. 

We offer 2 dancing ceremonies as powerful and efficient tools to state our intentions, and keep the mind focused; they are the vessels holding space for us to enter timelessness and expand our consciousness. The need for ceremonies at certain times of our life and at certain times throughout the year, like the time around the New Year, is deeply rooted in our human DNA. 

Dance Pilgrimage (led by Silvija) is a deep moving meditation through the landscape of the Wave. We dance across the room for a long period of time with the sense of our personal as well as our tribal prayer. Pilgrimage as an ancient symbol depicts our journey, through our ups and downs, through the darkness into the light – and this pilgrimage will take us from the last hours of the Old year into the first hours of the New year. 

The Tree Ceremony (led by Thierry) is an invitation to dance in the direction of what is in front of us, into the perspective of the New Year that is beginning.  In this dance we can allow ourselves to surrender to the power of the tree and its gifts.



“May we all dance together in celebration, each in our place, in our style, in our infinite grace and encourage, support, nurture and stand up for each other every step of the way.” Gabrielle Roth



Workshop prices: Full price 330 Euro. If you book with non-refundable deposit of 100 Euro before 5th of November, early booking price is: 280 Euro. Working Price: 165 Euro.

Price for 5Rhythms teachers and Space Holders: 240 Euro.


The workshop is led in English. Previous Waves experience led by 5Rhythms accredited teachers is needed. This workshop counts as a 5 days Waves towards the 5Rhythms Teacher Training.


We begin on 29.12. at 17h and we end on 02.01. at 13h. 

It is possible to stay one night before and/or one night after the workshop in Jufa.

Full board starts with dinner on the 1st day and ends with lunch on the last day. 


We are happy to invite you again to the JUFA Sport Resort Leibnitz where we will have the whole venue for our tribe exclusively. The building has a very natural and pleasant ambience and offers a spa area. There are many different options for your accommodation and food, please contact us for more info. We will be organizing a shuttle from Vienna Airport and City to our dance venue.


Shuttle Departures

–  from Vienna CITY U3 Erdberg 12:30h  
–  from Vienna AIRPORT 13:00h  (Arrival at Jufa: ~16h – ws start: 17h) 
from Leibnitz to VIENNA CITY  (not to the airport!) 
14:30 (after lunch)


Accommodation and food in JUFA:

5 Bedroom: 34€

4 Bedroom: 39€

3 Bed-room: 45€

2 Bed-room: 61€

Children 4-15y: 31€

Breakfast and Spa area with saunas is included in this price.

Full board is € 29,80. Children price 4-15y is € 19.

Only full board possible!

You can choose meat, vegan or gluten-free meal option.


Please DO NOT contact and book your room with JUFA, everything goes through us!


Other options in the area:

Hotel Roemerhof

Hotel Zur Alten Post

Hotel Lang  (cheapest in Leibnitz)

Weiberhof (pension only for women – and only reachable if you have a car)

Seggau Castle 

Hotel Staribacher

You can also book the meals at JUFA, if you have a different accommodation.


Silvija & Thierry: Silvija (Waves and Heartbeat certification) has been teaching 5R both nationally and internationally for the past 18 years. She teaches in a grounded and passionate way, with clarity and imagination, blending humor with wisdom. Thierry (Waves certification) also travels around following the call to teach this practice he fell in love with in 2002. He shares with enthusiasm and creativity his knowledge and experience he has also gathered working as an actor and a Gestalt therapist and is a certified co-leader of ManKind Project. His power is in his lightness and openness to challenges, and in his absolute love for music.


Information and bookings: Irene Seewald

tribaldance5R@gmail.com, +43 664 2552441