READ MY HIPS Waves Level
5RHYTHMS ® workshop led by Silvija Tomčik
June 7th - June 9th 2019., New York
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A 5Rhythms® Waves workshop

Led by Silvija Tomcik

June 7-9, 2019, New York City


“Staccato is about not only getting in touch with your energies and passions, but expressing them to others, projecting yourself into the outside world. Staccato is about doing, not just being; taking action, not just thinking about it.” Gabrielle Roth

This 5Rhythms® workshop is dedicated to our own exploration of Staccato Rhythm and its many dances.

Knowing our own basic needs, by following ourselves, we are able to find our boundaries, touch our edges, communicate with each other and to the world outside of us with open eyes and heart’s clarity.

From the Rhythm of Flowing we grow into the Rhythm of Staccato. What we take in, we need to let out.

The gateway into this Rhythms, into this state of being are our hips. We will dedicate our attention to finding our hips through the movement of all 5 Rhythms, see how they sit, where they move, how they shake, where they start and where they stop. We will follow and listen our hips, we will express and direct our hips, we will release and liberate our hips, we will lighten up enjoy our hips, we will breath our hips and unite them with our whole body, heart and soul.

We will create and hold safe space to find physical expression of the passion of our hearts and our hips.


“You don’t need to do everything. Do what calls your heart; effective action comes from love. It is unstoppable, and it is enough.” Joanna Macy


Silvija Tomčik, is an accredited 5Rhythms® teacher (Waves training in 2001, and Heartbeat training in 2010, with Gabrielle Roth in the USA) who, as an organiser, brought this practice to Croatia and neighbouring countries. Silvija has been teaching 5Rhythms® regularly both nationally and internationally the last 18 years. She is a committed, passionate and grounded teacher. Teaching and dancing are her natural gifts.


All are welcome to join. No prior 5Rhythms experience necessary to participate

This workshop counts as 2,5 days of Waves level towards the 5Rhythms Teacher Training.


June 7-9, 2019

Friday 7-9:30, Saturday 12-6, Sunday 11-5


Venue: to be confirmed

Cost: $210 Early bird pricing is paid in full by May 10, 2019
$245 After May 10, 2019

Contact Henya for more info and to register: [email protected]