February 2021

“What we want is what philosopher Paul Ricoeur calls “second naïveté”: a freshness of response, a spontaneity that is seasoned with wisdom and experience. And to achieve this we have to let our emotions surface, get to know and appropriate them: have them flowing in our life so that we fear what really threatens us, get angry at what invades our integrity, cry when we get hurt, smile when it all goes right, and care about the real needs of others.” GABRIELLE ROTH

I already know how to make myself invisible when I am scared and it all feels too much so that eventually even I stop noticing myself. 
I already know how to swallow the hurt from all those little violations of my personal boundaries thinking it is all under my control until the ticking bomb of my anger gets out of (my) control. 
I already know how to fill the void of my loneliness with chocolate and I would rather make friends with characters of TV series than sit next to my sadness. 
I already know how to kill the buzz of my excitement with “it’s too good to be true” and “it won’t last long”, and surprise, surprise: I missed all the fun. 
I already practiced hiding in the corner and watching my life pass me by, wondering what’s the point until the point of no return. 

What I want to practice now is how to offer my physical embodiment to the movement of my emotions. I am ready to learn about this treasure in my chest and explore all the different textures, volumes, vibrations, flavors, shapes of my heart’s responses to being alive.  When I start feeling something I want to welcome it with my physical vocabulary, so that I don’t even need to go to my head to name it and then analyze it or justify it or deny it or compare it or judge it. I want to meet the movement of my heart with the fluidity of my body and curiosity of my mind.
I want to practice how to keep breathing when I’m frozen, how to stay centered when I’m outraged, how to stay soft when I’m breaking down and breaking through, how to stay grounded when I’m elated, how to be tender when I’m suffering. 

Heartbeat workshop is an opportunity to approach our emotional world with the instincts of a dancer, with the mindfulness of a meditator, with the courage of a warrior, with the compassion of a best friend. 
It is time to take a rest from trying to solve our feelings like they are some problems, to take time off from thinking over and over about it and rehashing the past in our mind. It gives us a possibility to enter those chambers of our heart that feel uncomfortable, maybe because there are no lights on, because there is some weird smell, because the space feels too big or too small, because they told us to keep away. This time we don’t need to go there alone, we can enter followed by our dance, witnessed by a teacher, supported by a group and inspired by our own evolution that wants us to heal and grow. 
We learn to trust our impulses, respect our boundaries and follow our heart to a life where everything can be touched by the power of love. 
I look forward to meeting you there!

With love,