July 2017.

Posted by Jadranka Franc on November 2, 2017

“Feelings are neither positive nor negative; they simply are elemental forces in our life energy with their own vibrations and functions. They are essential to our health and well-being. Essentially, fear protects, anger defends, sadness releases, joy uplifts, compassion unites.” GABRIELLE ROTH



Inspired by my recent workshop “My heart has desires” which was 2nd module of a Trilogy in Zagreb: 


My heart wants to ground me through the fear,

it makes my eyes and ears bigger as I explore how to keep flowing.

My hear wants to be like a martial arts black belt master,

that does not even attracts fools that want to get into the fight.

My heart wants to be released of painful disappointments, 

so my chest and belly could be full of trust again.

My heart wants to sing “hallelujah”, bubble out from joy, 

leap on the streets from the rush from one simple summer day. 

My heart wants to rest my head on your chest and listen to the heartbeat, 

so all the background noice can disappear. 

with love, Silvija

June 2016.

Posted by Jadranka Franc on November 2, 2017

“Without grounding in our bodies, we’re like lightning, occasionally destructive, most often dissipated in a flash. To harness our power, we need to enter the deep dark of our bodies and truly become “guardians of god’s light.” GABRIELLE ROTH


One of many things I love about the 5Rhythms practice and Gabrielle Roth’s teachings, is the way it brings together what has become separated and in some kind of conflict: body and spirit, our inner feminine and masculine energy, rest and movement, darkness and light. The more I dance, the more I know and feel that these are impossible to actually separate, they live thanks to each other, they inform each other, they inspire each other, and it is most important to me to find their common language – the movement.

And if I really want to get to know myself, get to find myself, get to love myself, I need to go on this journey through all and each of them.

For a person who finds it hard, even almost impossible, to learn through big fat books and printed information, it has been such a gift and huge relief to find a practice where I am learning through movement, through physical, through all my six senses, through direct experience and personal exploration. I am happy to get again and again the change to get to know my body, and to get to know it as this celestial-earthy instrument, that as any other instruments loves to be tuned, even fine tuned.

Sometimes it’s my hips being nourished by Flowing, my elbows get clear through Staccato, my feet find their wild side in Chaos, my shoulders are grateful for the lightness of Lyrical and my head finally finds peace in Stillness.

How are you fine tuning your body this June? As always, we are full of dancing invitations. Welcome

Love, Silvija

May 2017.

Posted by Jadranka Franc on November 2, 2017

“The fastest, cleanest, most joyful way to break out of your own box is by dancing. I’m not talking about doing the stand and sway. I’m talking about dancing so deep, so hard, so full of the beat, that you are nothing but the dance and the beat and the sweat and the heat. Surrendering to the movement practice teaches us to trust.” GABRIELLE ROTH


It is interesting for me to see how the topics of workshops that I teach in some way mirror what I am learning myself at the moment, how they reflect what is currently going on in myself and in my life. When I plan them ahead, arranging dates, locations, and themes, I don’t really know what prompts me to choose specific topics, but in the end everything fits together and is connected. Very soon I will be teaching two workshops on the topic of “Surrender”, one in Leuven and the other in Vienna, so I am going to go deeper here into this subject.


My first intention with this workshop was to provide many different gateways into the Chaos, because I know that it can cause strong “allergic response” within us and sometimes in our environment. Nevertheless, this is an extremely important rhythm as it holds a place in the middle of the wave and the rhythms that follow it depend on it. In its essence it calls us to surrender to it 100%, with all we have, it is not satisfied with any less. When I mention many gateways into the Chaos, I mean that it can be entered from Flowing, and from Staccato as well as from Lyrical, or Stillness. Of course, I’m also referring to the pure, unadulterated, primordial Chaos, which has existed long before we came into existence, the source from which everything was created. For me, every one of us is actually a fruit of Chaos’s creativity, a unique union of opposites. While we were being created no one knew what exactly we would be in spite of their plan and desire. Even today we are still in the creative process of creating ourselves through falling and rising, pulling back and pushing, losing and finding ourselves. When we resist Chaos, this natural phenomenon, and when we stubbornly try to control it, we can end up destroying ourselves and those around us or driving both us and them mad. Chaos demands that we completely surrender to it, that we throw in its powerful alchemist process all that we carry on our backs, shoulders, heart, stomach, all that we cling to and hold so tight. Chaos receives that which is ours and that which isn’t, whatever we can offer. So much of what we think does not belong to us at all, much less has it anything to do with the present moment. In this dance we practice how to shake ourselves in a way that is soft, and relaxed, and isn’t so much tilting at windmills or fighting with life, we are shaking ourselves from our roots to our very essence. So that we can be ready when life throws us off the rails, or we lose our footing, in these times when we can no longer rely even on the changing seasons not to mention our country’s leaders – we are ready for what we did not know was coming, ready for the unknown, ready to surrender to the immeasurable emptiness. As Chaos calls to us to let go with every drum beat, in that process of surrendering completely, we find our own freedom, and sometimes we receive that “amazing grace” and can see the collateral beauty.


I wish us all a sufficient dose of dancing towards and for freedom, and you can find some good opportunities in our program.

Try, what have you really got to lose?

With love, Silvija

April 2017.

Posted by Jadranka Franc on November 2, 2017

“Our bodies are the root of our true selves, the home of our soul. Our desire to constantly change and control our bodies indicates a deep distrust of our souls. But in denying our bodies’ natural processes we deny their earthy, sensual source of wisdom. Not the kind of wisdom you’ll find in the library, but a spontaneous, instinctive wisdom that illuminates the present moment.” Gabrielle Roth


Today while I was cycling I laughed at myself for being surprised by the power of spring every year. Also, at how I manage to forget about it in the wintertime. Nevertheless, thanks to this oblivion, the surprise was all the merrier, fuller, and greener.

I am pretty sensitive to the winter cold and it is the time of year when I rarely go out of the house, unless it’s to a restaurant, a bookshop, or a dance hall. I enjoy watching winter landscapes only in photos, on Facebook, or out of the moving car as we pass through Gorski Kotar (mountains) on our way to sunny Opatija (seaside) without stopping. So now that I go out cycling or walking in the woods, it is as if my soul is returning to my body, expanding, surrounded by nature that awakens all my senses. I am grateful, and moved. I start making plans, and promises. I want to absorb all the sunshine I can during this time of year, I want to be charged by movement, and breathe as much clean air as possible so that this time I can make it a little longer into the winter before I go into hibernation. I know very well that the only way to achieve this is to do it regularly, be persistent, find company whenever I don’t feel like doing something on my own, to respect the waves of my energy, to be creative when challenges come, to surrender when I want to quit.

I really like feeling how my body loves moving. How movement is completely natural to the body. When I enter the exploration zone, I feel like a child again and it is great to squat, my elbows are brilliant, it’s cool to spin so fast that I almost fall down on my bum. At the moment I am strongly feeling how my feet like to be in motion, and I can feel their power, and I want to explore how far they can take me. I enjoyed Module 1 of the Zagreb Trilogy, whose topic was loud and clear and powerful: BODY. After 16 years of teaching, going back to the most basic basics, the most grounded exercises – our only home, our nest, made to our measure, our magic bus which can take us to where we have never gone before – was priceless! I was thoroughly charged, reconnected, and I can feel my own body as a trusted teacher who is enormously patient with me. So I can’t wait the 1st module of the next Trilogy in Spain, with the topic: 5Rhythms! I believe strongly in building strong foundations and I know how far they can take us.

With love, Silvija

March 2017.

Posted by Jadranka Franc on November 2, 2017

“It doesn’t matter where we come from or how we grew up or whether we can or can’t dance. Movement is medicine, and whether we feel clumsy or graceful, it heals us. Real learning happens when we show up and move because the body can’t lie. It lets us know right away if we’re feeling closed or open, fixed or fluid, tight or loose, off or on.” Gabrielle Roth


Dear all, I am just recovering from the big bad flu that for the past few weeks had crushed me to bed and it was a real reset. It was also a very close encounter with listening and following my own body because I really had no other choice. This has been a great test for how much I really trust my body, now when it was in the midst of illness. The opportunity to practice compassion for my total vulnerability (as my immune shield fell down, so did the one around my heart) and receiving help that is still so difficult to ask for when the child in me feels that I need to get it even without asking. While I was in so much pain even just lying in my bed, my body kept relentlessly asking for my attention. Asking if is it easier for me to lie on my side or on my back, whether is it better to fold or arch my spine …Pain that makes me wanna get out of the body and that is tensing and holding back my breathing, is now so strongly asking me to be “at home” and breathe more relaxed than usual . And so this very special friendship between my body and me, which is a mix of hiding and pushing and arguing, continues to grow. In sickness and in health, in a slow or fast pace, on the back or on the feet, alone or with a partner – I keep sensing how to move or how to be still – and both are essential parts of the dance. And in both of these states I want to be present, awake, connected with that which is the most essential.

Love, Silvija

February 2017.

Posted by Jadranka Franc on November 2, 2017

“Breath is a promiscuous lover. The breath you just took was in someone else a moment ago, and when you let go, it’ll move on and become part of someone else. Breath keeps everything moving; without it, there can be no dance.” 



Dear ones,
With joy and some high adrenalin over tiredness I proudly present you our new website.
It was time to change the skin. There is some new content in this new beautiful visual. We hope they will inspired you and make it easy for you to find your way to the dance floor. This first newsletter is still work in progress, as we started working on it too late, but the most important is that it land in your lap.

Love, Silvija

January 2017.

Posted by Jadranka Franc on November 2, 2017

“Best to surf the waves of energy-be they grief or joy, anxiety or ecstasy, confusion or clarity. The trick is to remain empty and not hold onto energy. If you hold on, you wipe out. If you let go, the energy can transport you to the still-point, a place of immeasurable emptiness, of infinite potential.” GABRIELLE ROTH


Having danced another year to the very end, I’m ready to receive the gift I’ve prepared for myself, which comes not a moment too soon if not at the very last minute – a vacation. I chose this winter month for my retreat because winter rarely calls me out. As I am writing these lines, beautiful soft snowflakes are falling outside. In this work that I love, which is my calling as well as my everyday job, I felt that I can get lost, I can get saturated, and it’s not the work, it’s me. No matter how much I love to disappear when I teach in front of the group, and disappear as the wisdom of this map is speaking through me, I feel that it is important to stand up for myself now, for my flesh and blood, for my heart and soul, to show up for myself and take care of all that was neglected, forgotten, lost, cold, and hungry. I will not be traveling anywhere this month. I am teaching one class in Zagreb and one class in Helsinki, but I will be doing it via Skype from home. This is a big and important step for me, taking so much time in one piece off to reset and restart. Some of you might be in the same or similar place while others might be at the opposite end – ready to take flight right now. I wish us all a good journey, whether inwards or outwards.

Love, Silvija

More coming soon!

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