Thank you Flowing for relaxing me and moving me in grounding circles. Thank you feet, for courageously taking me through the ups and downs, and showing me my path in this life. Thank you body, for being my home, and for your long and staunch friendship. Thank you Staccato for awakening the fire within me, even the aspects of it that are hidden and censored, and for giving it a clear direction and a means of expression. Thank you hips and belly for turning towards the sun, and thank you heart, whose song and rhythm I can hear ever better. Thank you Chaos for never letting me down in your freedom, wildness, unpredictability, and depth; and because I can drop into you without a back-up parachute and open my wings. Thank you spine and the snake that lives within you, for your fluidity, and the learning that I have both the poison and the medicine inside me. Thank you mind, you for living in every part of my body, in every cell, in every movement; thank you intelligence for living in my ignorance. Thank you Lyrical, you come to visit me more and more often, without an announcement, and you are always welcome – in your company I am relaxed and more my own. Thank you arms for spreading into the heights to which I am only now able to rise. Thank you soul for attracting such wonderful other souls into my life with your unique glow so that together we can shine on as much of the world as possible. Thank you Stillness, I rarely experience you in all your fullness and emptiness, but every time I do, it is unforgettable and it changes every Wave that follows. Thank you breath for your simplicity and meaningfulness, for your vulnerability and strength in every life situation. Thank you spirit, sometimes you have absolutely nothing to say and yet you make everything completely clear to me.

Thank you Gabrielle Roth for teaching me to love with your revolutionary love. Thank you Jonathan Horan for many journeys to the naked soul, for your special deep dance of trance, for your trust and your soft hugs. Thank you Tammy Burstein for the sisterhood which spilled over from the dance and our close professional co-operation into our everyday lives. Thank you Robert Ansell for continuously supporting me in so many different ways and for the special photograph of Gabrielle on the page here that is dedicated to her. 

I would like to thank Sanjin Kaštelan for the beautiful photographs that fill this lovely website as well as the dancers who so earnestly and freely had their photographs taken – Jadranka Franc (our passionate and busy administrator), Jaša Jarec, Jana Žufić, Sanja Novko, Martina Petrović, Romana Soldo and Thierry Francois

Thank you Ana Kulić for your artistic design of the website as well as the majority of our flyers. I enjoy sharing the process of creation and dissolution with you. Thank you Ivor Somrak from Zero Creations for developing the website, for your nerves of steel, and clear focus. Thank you Vladislav Valiček from Novemo for your stubborn unconditional support with our monthly newsletters and our mailing lists. 

Thank you to so many amazing committed 5Rhythms organizers/producers all over the world that keep inviting me to their cities, homes, tribes where together we create beautiful experiences for us and all those who join us. Thank you to each dancer who showed up, even for only one time. Thank you to those who keep coming, and we keep growing up and lightening up together throughout the years and we stay young and wild at heart. Thank you for giving a special meaning to all of this. 

I would like to thank my parents, Ljerka and Tomislav,  for giving me the freedom, support, and trust I needed to find myself and my calling. I would like to thank my children: Tara and Numa Rock, who are my fiercest and most quintessential teachers. Thank you Thierry, my love,  for being here, for being by my side.