January 2017.

“Best to surf the waves of energy-be they grief or joy, anxiety or ecstasy, confusion or clarity. The trick is to remain empty and not hold onto energy. If you hold on, you wipe out. If you let go, the energy can transport you to the still-point, a place of immeasurable emptiness, of infinite potential.” GABRIELLE ROTH


Having danced another year to the very end, I’m ready to receive the gift I’ve prepared for myself, which comes not a moment too soon if not at the very last minute – a vacation. I chose this winter month for my retreat because winter rarely calls me out. As I am writing these lines, beautiful soft snowflakes are falling outside. In this work that I love, which is my calling as well as my everyday job, I felt that I can get lost, I can get saturated, and it’s not the work, it’s me. No matter how much I love to disappear when I teach in front of the group, and disappear as the wisdom of this map is speaking through me, I feel that it is important to stand up for myself now, for my flesh and blood, for my heart and soul, to show up for myself and take care of all that was neglected, forgotten, lost, cold, and hungry. I will not be traveling anywhere this month. I am teaching one class in Zagreb and one class in Helsinki, but I will be doing it via Skype from home. This is a big and important step for me, taking so much time in one piece off to reset and restart. Some of you might be in the same or similar place while others might be at the opposite end – ready to take flight right now. I wish us all a good journey, whether inwards or outwards.

Love, Silvija