January 2019

“Those times when we’re grounded in our body, pure in our heart, clear in our mind, rooted in our soul and suffused with the energy, the spirit of life, are our birthright.”     GABRIELLE ROTH

I am writing this just after our 9th Tribal Dance, 5 days workshop from Old to New Year (you can have a look here in this short video).
It was truly a full on one so this letter from me will be short and simple and hopefully sweet.

I belong to my body.
My body belongs to the dance.
I commit to my heart.
My heart is committed to the love.
I am co-creating with my mind.
My mind is co-creating with the mystery.
I am connecting to the nature of my soul.
My soul is connected to the nature of all things
I breathe my spirit alive.
My spirit lives in my breath. My spirit dances with my breath.

May this New Year 2019 be full of dance, love, mystery, nature and breath aliveness.
With Love