January 2021

“In inertia our fullness is empty; in ecstasy our emptiness is full.” GABRIELLE ROTH


I wanted to write first about all the most important things I have learnt in 2020 to help me remember those lessons. Then I started making a list of all the things that I have lost and all the things that have arrived in my life last year to find some balance. After that I thought it would be better to create a blessing, a prayer for the New Year, to create a vision and focus on all the things I want to bring into my life and begin this 2021 with intentions grounded in my heart.
Then I realised I am actually pretty overwhelmed with all of that and what I really need is some courage, a pinch of patience and a lot of tolerance to stay a bit longer with the blank page, with the empty space. I know that my craving for this silence, for this emptiness is one of the reasons I go so deep into my dance as that is how I can find this zen zone, this unified field, this refreshing oasis, this present of the present moment. 
So what I want to offer all of us is some empty space. 















With love, Silvija