July 2017.

“Feelings are neither positive nor negative; they simply are elemental forces in our life energy with their own vibrations and functions. They are essential to our health and well-being. Essentially, fear protects, anger defends, sadness releases, joy uplifts, compassion unites.” GABRIELLE ROTH



Inspired by my recent workshop “My heart has desires” which was 2nd module of a Trilogy in Zagreb: 


My heart wants to ground me through the fear,

it makes my eyes and ears bigger as I explore how to keep flowing.

My hear wants to be like a martial arts black belt master,

that does not even attracts fools that want to get into the fight.

My heart wants to be released of painful disappointments, 

so my chest and belly could be full of trust again.

My heart wants to sing “hallelujah”, bubble out from joy, 

leap on the streets from the rush from one simple summer day. 

My heart wants to rest my head on your chest and listen to the heartbeat, 

so all the background noice can disappear. 

with love, Silvija