July 2019


“Being and non-being create each other.
Difficult and easy support each other.
Long and short define each other.
High and low depend on each other.
Before and after follow each other.”  Tao Te Ching


What are summer holidays for me? What type of holidays do I want and what do I need to rest from? I am fed up with holidays from which I come back home tired. I want summer holidays which offer balance that I am trying to achieve in my everyday life. Time to be in the sun and time to sit in the shade. Time to be in the sea and time to sit and look at the greenery. Time with my eyes open absorbing the light and the summer colours and time with my eyes closed, resting deep in the darkness. Time away from everybody and time when I feel so close to myself. Time for connecting with others without too many words and time to connect with nature without a plan or a schedule. Time to spend with my family and time to dance with the dancing tribe where I feel at home. Time to be active and leading and holding the space as well as time to relax, float and drift. Time to be a mom and time to be a wild woman. Time that is planned with a beginning and an end and time that is totally free and spontaneous.
Our summer workshop “Move’n’Rest” provides just the balance I am looking for and wish to offer and share with others who are looking for this type of a summer vacation. We wish to explore how each of the 5 Rhythms can wake us up from inertia and our autopilot and stir in us the power of being where we feel so safe and on our home turf that we can really relax and rest. What a gift it is to have time to find our dance, the dance that does not need to accommodate anyone else, or look a specific way, or even follow the rhythm of the music. The dance that we create ourselves. The dance that regenerates us because it is honest. The dance that moves us from the inside.
The dance in which movement leads to rest and rest prepares us for movement. The dance in which dualities and opposites merge into one. The dance in which everything vibrates and ebbs and flows like the tide.
I hope that you will dance this summer wherever you are, especially if you haven’t got the time, whether to music or to the murmur of the sea, under the stars or under the AC, hand in hand with someone or in the arms of the Universe.