March 2018

“So the body is where the dancing path to wholeness must begin. 

Only when you truly inhabit your body can you begin the healing journey.” GABRIELLE ROTH


Dance was always for me the fastest route to that place where I feel I have lost myself and actually I found my true nature. From teenage years, this was a way for me to completely surrender to something else and stop being a victim of my own thoughts and worrying what other people think of me and about me. I loved offering my body to the music, to the beat. I didn’t feel alone when dancing at the times when I felt that nobody sees me and nobody understands me. I remember first time I read Gabrielle’s “Maps to Ecstasy” I was so thrilled and so happy as I felt both that I totally understand her and what she is saying and that she totally get me. What a gift!  The dance was teaching me to be authentic, to be honest with myself, to trust my body and my breath. In the dance I discovered the presence of something bigger, something sacred, something holy, something that was empty and had a lot of space for me.  This emptiness is always here to hold me, even when I knock its door with so many things that I carry in body, with such a heavy heart and a really clogged mind.  This dance is always here for you too, whenever you are ready to enter, you are welcome.

Love, Silvija