May 2019

I breathe out the clarity that comes from my moving center.
I dance out the truth that I find in the consistency of my heartbeat.
I live out the desire to show up in my full power and vulnerability.
I speak out what I see, what I feel, what I want.
I bring you as medicine into my rigid heart and locked hips.
I invite you as a wake up call into my boredom and heart denying routine.
I call your spirit to show me direction towards what is really important to me.
I use your fire to burn the walls of separation between me and you. 
You align me with what is really needed and what is the right action.
You teach me about how loving is to have clear boundaries.
You connect me with the super power of self-discipline. 
You kick my ass to take the lead in my own life and focus on love.
I bow to your juiciness. 
I lean into your warmth.
I salute your integrity.
I look straight into the eyes of your dedication.