November 2017

“The word comes from the Greek word “chaos”, meaning empty space or abyss. Most of us are afraid of emptiness because we consider it a vacuum, a negative force. In reality it is a positive space, loaded with potential, free of all strictures and structures of the ordinary world.” GABRIELLE ROTH


I have always felt good in this autumn month, perhaps because it was the time of my coming into this body and this life. That is why I am not surprised to see that it is so intense and full on this time around.

So many things are changing, shaking, rearranging at the moment, some things are falling into place. In the midst of all the changes on so many levels, I see how it is easier to hold on to the old and familiar even though it makes no sense any more or is no longer necessary or has already ended. Whatever is coming is so unfamiliar, a real leap into deep void. How do you hold on to something unknown, something that has not happened yet? It is as if all the chaos is pushing me into the hands of creativity, my own as well as the great creativity of life and the Universe. The creativity from which I emerged but also that which I am still holding on to although I know it is time to let go, to surrender.  The deep void then becomes an empty page of a book or an empty canvas to paint on. I begin to ask myself what it is I wish to create in this new, unexpected opportunity. What was once daunting now becomes exciting. Chaos that brings polarities together, connecting what was with what will be, what ends with what begins, what is known and experienced with what is unknown and comes from life itself. I begin to grasp the deeper message that is actually very simple and keeps repeating: If I want to move on, if I want to take the next step, I must let go of the one before. I realize that there is no next step without a previous one. I see how deeply and closely connected the known and unknown, the old and the new, are. They are cooperating with each other: one dissolves so that the other can emerge.

I love the wisdom that comes from the feet, from the body. I love the intelligence that is awakened through movement and dance. I love the intimacy that grows when we meet each other in space where hearts speak without words.

I hope to meet you in one such dance soon.  Love, Silvija