October 2019


“Feelings are neither positive nor negative; they simply are elemental forces in our life energy with their own vibrations and functions.” GABRIELLE ROTH


What if emotions I feel are here to tell me something? What would they be communicating to me? Sometimes they are whispering, sometimes they are stuttering  sometimes they are mumbling, sometimes they are screaming…

Fear: “Feel your feet on the ground. Listen to your gut feeling. Open your eyes. Trust your senses. What are your options? What are your resources? You have a voice even if it is shaking. You can back up. You can leave. You can ask for help. You can hold my hand and we can do this together. Inhale 1,2,3,4, pause 1,2,3,4, exhale 1,2,3,4. Take care. No need to rush unless you need to run away. Your well-being is important to me. Pay attention. What is going on?”

Anger: “ Stand up. Be clear. Be direct. Stop the bullshit. Stop pretending. You are not a victim. Your feelings matter. You have right to ask for what you need. You have right to say what you don’t want. This is yours to defend. You deserve the truth. Walk the edge. You are important too. Respect your pain. Draw the line. Do it now.”

Sadness: “It’s ok to be disappointed. Of course it hurts to let go what you cared for, what you loved. Soften your face, rest your head on my shoulder. Allow your vulnerability. Your tears are releasing me. You don’t need to carry this alone. Forget your perfect offering. Let me break this tension. Let me cleanse the debris. Let me clear the air. Relax your spine. It’s ok to fall down on your knees. Your tears are beautiful. I love you. There’s nothing wrong with you feeling so sad, your heart feeling so bad. You can drop the armour now, let me pass through you. Open your mouth so I can sing my blues.”

Joy: “Shine on you crazy diamond. Mi casa, tu casa. What a relief to relax! It’s so beautiful, so beautiful. You are alive! Enjoy the moment. This sweetness has no calories. Join me. Welcome, the doors are open, and there were never locked. What a blessing! Spread your wings and fly. Follow the bliss. Go with ease. Focus on simple things. Touched by grace. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am yours and you are mine. As Gabrielle Roth would say: “Don’t be afraid to show your light.. If it ends up being too much for people.. tell them to wear sunglasses!””

Compassion: “There is both depth and vastness in your heart. I am good with the fullness and with emptiness. Your joy and pain are one. I see you. I feel you. You have my undivided attention. What is needed now, for this to be healing, for this to find completion, so you can move on and move through? Let me be the bridge from your heart to others. We are all in this together. See the bigger picture. Circle of life. Let it be. Rest in natural great peace. Keep breathing.”

Big thank you to the group of “The Art of the Heart” in Friedrichshof for inspiration!!
with love