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Sacred Cacao Ceremony


Cacao it’s a very gentle and loving teacher. It doesn’t take you on a trip, as other  medicine plants might do, but brings light on whatever you place your intention.

It’s very important to be well hydrated before and during the Cacao Ceremony, because cacao seeds help detoxing our bodies and they need lots of fluid to do that. You might feel a light headache or a little nausea, if you don’t drink enough water, but this is not usual if you are well hydrated.

If you are already on a detox diet, your body is intoxicated due to medicines, you have very low blood pressure, you are very light weighted, you are pregnant or breast feeding and/or you eat only raw foods you will have an smaller amount of cacao (let us know!) to prevent being dehydrated.

It’s not recommended to be on an empty stomach, neither to take coffee or any other stimulants, for the ceremony. Some light food eaten earlier on the day would be great to receive the cacao in your system.

Sacred Cacao works through Intention. The intention of this specific ceremony, in the context of this Tribal Dance workshop, will be to facilitate our personal connection with our heart, with the loving space where the authentic longings of our hearts are hidden. Getting to know those longings it’s the key to realize who we are, what we came to do in this life. By fulfilling them, in our daily lives, we will be able to be whole, on service for ourselves and the planet.

Only on that acceptance and Union we can be happy.

Cacao will help us revealing not only our heart longings, but also our unique capacities, grace, personal gifts,…needed to materialize them.

In this Ceremony music, chanting and movement will be supporting the work of the Cacao teacher that comes to enlighten us.


Dancer, Therapist, Artist, Yoga Instructor, 5Rhythms Moving Meditation Teacher and facilitator of Cacao Ceremonies, Eva González is beyond any titles, a passionate of Movement and Love. While of Spanish origin, Eva was conceived in Lebanon, where her parents were living temporarily. This beginning was seemingly the seed that sowed Eva’s traveler spirit and her passion for movement: “We are nothing but Movement”.


Eva’s creative and innovative nature has given birth to pioneering projects such as:“The Movement Laboratory”, “Essential Dance” and “El PerroVerde”, a cultural center where individuals were invited to experiment, explore and express.


Eva ascertains that her path is, above all, a spiritual voyage, where the Arts, Healing and Movement are ever present, interlaced as woven thread to create tools of Union, allowing us to get closer to our true selves and how we wish to live. “This path became a thriving journey the day that I discovered the 5Rhythms of Gabrielle Roth and my dancing body. That day I arrived home.”