September 2020

“The five rhythms are a map to everywhere you want to go, on all planes of consciousness – inner and outer, forward and back, physical, emotional, and intellectual. They are markers on the way back to a real self, a vulnerable, wild, passionate, instinctive self.” GABRIELLE ROTH


My body needs to move. Move both legs and the arms, both knees and the elbows, both hips and the head. Move forward and backward, move to the left and move to the right;  move in circles, move in straight lines; move down to the ground and move up in the air. 
My body needs to rest. Rest in peace while still breathing. Rest lying down on the earth, rest floating on the water, rest swinging in the hammock, rest in the embrace of your love. Rest from the resistance, rest from the tension, rest from the confusion, rest from spacing out, rest from the numbness. 
My heart needs to reach out. Reach out to other hearts. Reach out into the contact, reach out for the intimacy. Reach out to the edge, reach out to learn and teach. 
My heart needs to retrieve back into its darkness, into its comfort. Retrieve back into its depths, into its caves. Retrieve back into its intuition, retrieve back into its wisdom.
My mind needs to hold on to what it knows. Hold on to its beliefs, identities and judgments. Hold on to the memories of the past and plans for the future. Hold on to familiar, hold on to predictions and convictions. 
My mind needs to release the grip. To dissolve the separation. To liberate the boredom . To unlearn the conditioning. To let go of the stories. To bypass the predictability. To turn off the calculator.  To surrender to the unknown. 
My soul needs to dance, dance and dance. My soul needs to sing, sing and sing. My soul needs to write, write and write. My soul needs to play, play and play. My soul needs to heal and be healed, my soul needs to see and be seen.
My spirit loves to fulfill routine with ritual. Fulfill longing with belonging. Fulfill shadow with light. Fulfill life with breath. 
My spirit loves to empty me. My spirit loves empty.

With love, Silvija