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5Rhythms – Heartbeat Level

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“If there is sadness here, let it be.
If there is joy here, let it be.
If there is numbness here, let it be.
If there is uncertainty here, let it be.
If there is some unspeakable emptiness here, let it be.

Consider the possibility
that there is no mistake here.
No thought or feeling unwanted.
No appearance in the moment which is ‘against’ you.

Be what you are. 
Be the vast Field, the limitless Space,
in which all thoughts and feelings come and go, 
effortlessly, naturally.

Stop trying to get ‘there’.
Stop trying to ‘feel better’. 
Stop rushing to FUTURE. 
Bow to the PRESENT, exactly as it is.
Know its sacredness. Feel its warmth.

You may not feel ‘better’ right away, 
but you will feel alive, grounded. 
You may not get ‘there’, 
but you will fall in love with HERE.

Which is all there is.”

 Jeff Foster

Six Weekly 2 hours classes – Tuesdays 18-20h (6-8PM Zagreb time)

In the same way our bodies are moving, our emotions are moving.

On this ongoing group series we will open up and deepen our curiosity and fascination with the very movement of our emotions. And they move in mysterious ways…

We don’t feel linear, how we feel so often doesn’t make sense, or doesn’t meet ours or others expectations. As in  Waves practice we sink deeper into the rhythms of our body, in Heartbeat practice we learn how to trust the flow and the beats of our hearts.
The invitation is to step out from the head and stand right next to our emotions, and hear and see and feel their personal, intimate and direct messages to us.

Relaxing into the wisdom of our body, and supported by all the Waves we have danced, we will move together through the teachings of our heart – how fear protects us, anger defends us, sadness releases us, joy uplifts us and compassion unites us.

You will have access to the audio recording of each session. Your access to the audio recording is valid for 7 days after the live event. We ask that you share this link with NO one else as I am not releasing this content to the public. This will be held in a circle of trust and I appreciate your cooperation in honoring it.

Teaching through Zoom in English, music through Mixcloud link. We will be using some of the already existing Waves on my Mixcloud channel and some specially created Waves for this Ongoing group. 

This Ongoing group contributes a total of 12 Heartbeat hours to 5Rhythms Teacher Training Prerequisites.


06.04. Welcome and introduction

13.04. Let it in

20.04. Let it out

27.04. Let it go

04.05. Let go of letting go

11.05. Let it be


Each class consists of a welcome, teaching, some work in small groups or pairs (using Zoom’s breakout rooms), movement practice, sharing plus questions and answers at the end. You’ll receive a letter after each one of the classes to check in and stay in touch while integrating the experience.


Previous experience of 1 Heartbeat Weekend Workshop with any Heartbeat teacher or 1 online ongoing group with Silvija. 


Sliding scale between 70 Euro and 130 Euro.

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"Taking part in the ongoing Heartbeat group with Silvija was/is amazing, seeing all the people of the group opening up, showing themselves in their emotions, feeling my own stuck emotions starting to move, my heart melting. I physically feel my heart has more space now, some hard layers I felt around it softened… The ongoing group holds a treasure deeply worth to discover.”
"Thank you for this beautiful heart centering and heart opening experience you shared with us. What a beautiful gift to receive life through this deep and vast portal of the heart, a cave of jewels and mysteries.”
"The workshop helped me to accept my messy heart, with all its complex emotions and sadness that I thought I was over with. I accepted that It’s OK ( cause it’s ok) to be all my emotions and thanks to you, be showered with eyes of compassion as I danced through them.”



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