Online Classes in English with Silvija

TUESDAYS 18-19:30h  (6-7:30 PM Zagreb Time)

If you need help with finding out the time zone for where you live you can convert class time to your time zone – click registration link. Then click on “Sarajevo, Skopje, Zagreb” and choose your time zone.
When you change this and then register, all email confirmations show up in your time zone. So it’s a lot easier to keep track of when the class is happening.

01.09. Flowing Class – From feet into Flowing



08.09. Staccato Class – Let your Hips rock your Heart



15.09. Chaos Class – From thinking into unknown



22.09. Lyrical Class – From dance into trance



29.09. Stillness Class – From moving into being moved


First you need to register to a workshop you want to attend and then one hour before the beginning of the class you will  receive the e-mail with all other information (link to enter the Zoom meeting, link for music). If you didn’t receive this e-mail, please check spam. If it is not even there contact me at

It is very important that you read all the instructions before the class, even few times if it is new to you. 

I also recommend that you try and test the link to music and get to know how it works, how to start it and how to bring it back to beginning as we will do all together a countdown at the beginning of the Wave.



Suggested donation is 10 Euro.

It is ‘Pay what you can’ system; you pay what is possible within your budget and represents a fair value exchange in your feeling.

You can pay by PayPal:

Or by bank transfer (you can pay in Euro, USD and Croatian Kunas):

Reason of payment: Donation + date of the class

Bank account at Raiffeisen Bank:

Udruga “Ples Ritmova”

B. Magovca 147, Zagreb 10000, Croatia


IBAN: HR5724840081101938238



We greet each other for the first 10 minutes, see if everyone can hear us well, answer  practical questions and things like that. At that time you can communicate with us through the CHAT option, so in writing, as your microphones will be muted until the very end of the dance.
After that we start with a guided Wave. At the very end, we will have the opportunity for anyone who wants to share something with others and in that way we will end our session.

It is not possible to enter the online dancing venue/zoom meeting 15 minutes after its beginning.

The 5Rhythms is a moving meditation practise and has a map we move through- Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness- there’s a beginning, a middle and an end- a wave, so it’s recommended to stay until the end.

To begin with, please take some time before we gather to prepare your space. Here are some things to prepare and to consider. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move and sweat in. Please put your microphone on mute.

Please set your space in a way that feels good to you. Turn on some ambient lighting if its available, light a candle if that is your way, and create some space where your practice will not be interrupted. It is important you have enough space to move freely and in a safe way. Keep your eyes open and let them take care of your body keeping it safe in the space. You can also move in your chair and in your bed and on the floor for the whole Wave if that is what is only possible for you at this moment.

Please have your water near you so once we begin this hour long practice, you can be present for the duration.

Participants agree to move rather than watch. Participants agree NOT to record the sound, pictures or video.

It really helps me when you leave your VIDEO on, as I can then see you moving and follow you and get inspired by you, the same way I would be if we were all in one dance space. And you are also welcome to put your video off, and not be seen.



For the music, we will all use Mixcloud link that I sent you. You do not need to download it to be able to play it. If you subscribe to my channel then you can download any of my 5Rhythms Waves, and use it at anytime for your personal home practice.

When you open the Mixcloud link, in the lower part of the screen you will see a little arrow in a form of the circle. Click on it  to start the music from the beginning ( as the music itself runs immediately after you visit the page) and then click the Pause button ( close to the Title of the Wave) so you could click Play again when it is agreed to do so. At the end of the Wave, it usually goes automatically to the next Wave, so after the last song, please play Pause or just close/leave the Mixcloud.


(thanks to Movement Medicine with Kaya Tamara Sertić):

Connect your computer to an external speaker if you can.

Download the free app.
You need a good internet connection and a PC or cell phone with a camera to participate. I also recommend using a wireless headset or speaker. Using a cell phone or tablet limits some of the features of the Zoom app, so a PC / laptop is the best option. If possible, use ADSL / Internet instead of WiFi to make sure your internet connection is good.

When asked:  JOIN AUDIO CONFERENCE BY COMPUTER – you click on that blue button. Otherwise you won’t be able to hear me.

Once the window opens, you’ve joined the meeting.

In the bottom left corner (at least on my laptop) you have a microphone image, please put it on MUTE immediately (if it won’t be already), otherwise we’ll have a bunch of noise.

IMPORTANT! Next to that microphone icon is a small arrow that lets you choose where the sound source comes from (SELECT A SPEAKER ), whether it comes straight out of the computer or the speaker you plugged in) – select the SPEAKER that you’ve plugged in, if you have plugged it in. If you are using just your computer for sound, you do not need to select anything.

You regulate the VOLUME CONTROL on your own (the way you adjust it).

If you do not want to be seen, besides the microphone icon there is a ‘STOP VIDEO’ option, you can also select it. Still, it’s wonderful that we can all see each other.

It really helps me when you leave your VIDEO on, as I can then see you moving and follow you and get inspired by you, the same way I would be if we were all in one dance space. 

In the upper right corner (again, on my laptop) you have a choice of what your screen looks like, whether all the other attendees are there, or if you only see a couple of them, adjust it to your liking. The option to see more people at the same time is called: GALLERY VIEW.

And finally, have patience…and maybe all goes just fine and smooth.