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inspired by the song by R.E.M.

Ongoing Group with Silvija Tomčik

5Rhythms – Heartbeat Level

Online group
“Feelings are neither positive nor negative; they simply are elemental forces in our life energy with their own vibrations and functions. They are essential to our health and well-being. Fear is close to the surface of our self, anger is rather deeper, sadness and joy are progressively more interior, and compassion emanates from our profound center. Each is a level and a vibration of energy that needs to flow freely for us to be really engaged in the present.”
Gabrielle Roth

Six Weekly 2 hours classes – Tuesdays 18-20h (6-8PM Zagreb time)

When we meet our fear we uncover what we are really protecting and we start to feel our aliveness; when we express our anger we show what we are defending and we meet our boundaries around our softest part; how when we release through our sadness we get closer to what we really care about and how deeply we love; how when we share our joy we lift the veil from our own light – and all that is so vulnerable and so powerful.

It takes courage to welcome fear. It is at the edge of anger where can find forgiveness. It is so liberating to surrender through sadness. It is about sharing when joy shares its dances with us. It takes (comm)unity to feel like we belong.


Teaching through Zoom in English, music through Mixcloud link. We will be using some of the already existing Waves on my Mixcloud channel and some specially created Waves for this Ongoing group. 

You will have access to the audio recording of each session. Your access to the audio recording is valid for 7 days after the live event. We ask that you share this link with NO one else as I am not releasing this content to the public. This will be held in a circle of trust and I appreciate your cooperation in honoring it.


February 16 – Welcome and introduction

February 23 – Fear

March 2 – Anger

March 9 – Sadness

March 16 – Joy

March 23 – Compassion


Each class consists of a welcome, teaching, some work in small groups or pairs (using Zoom’s breakout rooms), movement practice, sharing plus questions and answers at the end. You’ll receive a letter after each one of the classes to check in and stay in touch while integrating the experience. 


Previous experience of 1 Heartbeat Weekend Workshop with any Heartbeat teacher or 1 online ongoing group with Silvija.

This Ongoing group contributes a total of 12 Heartbeat hours to 5Rhythms Teacher Training Prerequisites.


Sliding scale between 70 Euro and 130 Euro.

For joining the team of helpers or any other questions concerning payment and price please contact me at 


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“I take the chance of this email to tell you how much these sessions make me feel good. I want to thank you for the way you conceive them (letter before, letter after, organisation ...) and how you animate the sessions, your words, your pictorial explanations, parallels and examples with these moments of everyday life, your humor, your energy. Sometimes the day before the session, I am not in the mood and energy to move (tiredness and other things…) but to know that you will be there makes me happy and motivated during the day and to come even with my tiredness "under my arm" but with willingness and joy.”
“In your guidance I feel accepted and given permission to be exactly that. Me. Exploring. Curious. Sensing vibrations moving through my physical body. I’m falling in love with the practice. You truly do inspire me Silvija. Mostly with your deep authentic self - being you. With frustrations, joy, excitement, tenderness, heart. Thank you for that mirror. And I’m so grateful you are here - showing up to the practice. Exactly meeting the chaos of reality. Changing shape. Following. Exploring. Being you. I can dance and move with the sensations, feeling, reactions running through me, when meeting the screen, the disconnection, my home - coming home to myself, and finding connection to others from that place.”



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