Online Classes in English with Silvija

ONLINE Ongoing Group with Silvija Tomčik

5Rhythms – Waves Level “Rhythms & Elements”

Six Weekly 2 hours classes – Tuesdays 18-20h (6-8PM Zagreb time)


This Ongoing group contributes a total of 12 Waves hours to 5Rhythms Teacher Training Prerequisites.


In this Ongoing group we will bring together the teachings of 5 Rhythms with 5 Elements.  Sometimes the Rhythms will bring us closer to Elements, and sometimes the Elements will inspire and teach us something new about the Rhythms.

We will ground our Flowing in the Earth, spark our Staccato with Fire, dive into our Chaos through the Water, lighten up our Lyrical in Air, and empty our Stillness through the Ether.


May the Flowing Rhythm bring you trust in the instincts of your body and may the element of Earth bring you that feeling of being at “home” in your own body and wherever your feet touch the ground.

May the Staccato Rhythm bring you support for clear, heart to heart communication and may the element of Fire bring you the sparks of passion for what is close and important to your heart.

May the Chaos Rhythm bring you the strength to dance with all the changes moving inside and around you, and may the element of Water dissolve your worries of past and future.

May the Lyrical Rhythm pinch or tickle you in those sweet and short moments as not to miss the magic of life, and may the element of Air fill the lungs of your dreams and visions.

May the Stillness Rhythm anchor you even deeper in the source of your own truth and light, and may the element of Ether connect you with all those invisible threads that connect us all, with all the dancing particles of the universe.”



November 10 – Welcome and introduction

November 17 – Flowing & Earth

November 24 – Staccato & Fire

December 1 – Chaos & Water

December 8 – Lyrical & Air

December 15 – Stillness & Ether


Teaching through Zoom in English, music through Mixcloud link. We will be using some of the already existing Waves on my Mixcloud channel and some specially created Waves for this Ongoing group. 


You will have access to the audio recording of each session. Your access to the audio recording is valid for 7 days after the live event. We ask that you share this link with NO one else as I am not releasing this content to the public. This will be held in a circle of trust and I appreciate your cooperation in honoring it.



Each class consists of a welcome, teaching, some work in small groups or pairs (using Zoom’s breakout rooms), movement practice, sharing plus questions and answers at the end. You’ll receive a letter after each one of the classes to check in and stay in touch while integrating the experience. 



Previous experience (live or online) of 5Rhythms is needed for this Ongoing Group.

In January I will offer a Heartbeat Level Ongoing Online group and for that group you need prerequisite of either participating in one of my Ongoing Online groups (Waves level) or in a Heartbeat weekend workshop.


Sliding scale between 60 Euro and 120 Euro.

For joining the team of helpers or any other questions concerning payment and price please contact me, Silvija, at 




2nd step: complete your payment

3rd step: after your payment and before our 1st class together you will receive an email from me with a welcome letter, all technical information, and links. Please check your spam or contact me if you did not receive it.



For Paypal payments I can NOT issue you an invoice.

For bank payments I can issue you an invoice. Please send me here your details for the invoice. 

Reason of payment: “Rhythms & Elements”

Bank account at Raiffeisen Bank

Udruga “Ples Ritmova”

Bozidara Magovca 147, Zagreb 10000, Croatia


IBAN: HR5724840081101938238

If you pay with bank transfer, please send me a confirmation of your payment so that I can send you all the links and details for the workshop as it takes a few days for money to land at the account. 



“I enjoy this format of classes. If I had a chance I would definetely attend live classes with you, but online classes work for me just perfectly. I feel like I can dive deeper to my personal experiences, I connect better to myself, I concentrate on myself, I feel better my dance, I feel “more” in different aspects comparing to the dancing in a group on a dance hall. I am guided, but I feel that I practice on my own at the same time. I can truly admit that I had many inner transformations with a help of these classes. Even my internet is slow where I live, (sometimes I lose music, sometimes a connection) it doesn’t seem to be a problem for me. Also I love that we turn on music after “1-2-3”. It let’s to have an another device for music and to have a better sound comparing to a way when music is streamed from teachers computer.  Thank you for all you energy, thank you for beautiful music, thank you for your care, thank you for everything!” Renata


“Although I have been dancing for few years 5 Rhythms, I discover thanks to you Silvija, a wide range of options in each rhythm, how to connect how to be more present and be deeper in the experience. The feeling with you that I am boarding a train for a wonderful and exciting journey that the body and the heart connect to the dance through your true and pleasant precise guidance!Thank you for the abundance of great moments in the dance.”



Dancing online has its drawbacks and is quite a challenge for both the dancer and the teacher, but overall it works for me. I like the ongoing groups because they inspire deeper intimacy and connection. I like sharing the dance space without borders, stretching across different time zones, countries and even continents. We are all dancers and human beings, reflecting one another beautifully. Although I miss dancing with a tribe in the same space, there is something deeply comforting in dancing in my safe space, my room, my home. I find it easier to relax and dive into what there is right here, right now. Not to mention the relief of not having to negotiate traffic and waste time waiting for public transport or trying to find a parking spot. I use the gift of saved time happily stretching and relaxing on the floor, waiting for the class to begin. Had it not been for the online classes, I would not have been able to dance with others in general and with Silvija in particular as we find ourselves in two different countries at the moment. I see them as another gateway into the mystery of dance, which I would highly recommend.”  Zvjezdana