“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.”  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Dear Tribal dancers,

We are happy that the time is coming closer for us to meet. We love to meet some old friends and make many new friends on this workshop, in these 5 days. To respect and love our body as our best friend and listen to our heart as it was our best friend. These 5 days really feels as a gathering of souls, coming together of tribes. With all our similarities and differences, bringing our uniqueness into dances of unity.

“Our Similarities bring us to a common ground; Our Differences allow us to be fascinated by each other.” Tom Robbins

Here are some basic and important information that will help you prepare for this workshop. We recommend you to print it out for yourself and bring with you (it has our contact numbers at the end). If you have participated in previous Tribal dance, some things are different, so please read it carefully.



This year we will be assisted by these accredited 5Rhythms Teachers Susanna Dobos from Switzerland,  Irene Sanchez from Spain and Mark Austin from UK who is 5Rhythms Teacher in Training.  We are happy to have with us  as special guest, 5Rhythms teacher from Mexico, Eva Gonzalez who is also holding a Cacao Ceremony. Each of them will bring their unique medicine to the tribe. Vesna Šantak, is the other special guests who prepared many interesting things for us during the optional part of the program.



29.12.2017        17:30-20h

30.12.2017        10-13h and 17-20:30h
15:30-16:30 is optional program with Vesna

 31.12.2017        10-13h and 20:30-01:30h 
18-19h is optional program with Vesna

 01.01.2018            11h-13h and 17h-20h
15:30-16:30 is optional program with Vesna

 02.01.2018      10-13h and 15h-17:30h

This time schedule is flexible if needed. The beginning and ending time of the workshop, will not change.

Each of these sessions is connected with each other, they build one on top of the other and weaving a program of this workshop together. We ask you to come on time for each session – the space will be open for you 30 minutes before the beginning of each session.  



JUFA Sport Resort Leibnitz

Klostergasse 37

A-8430 Leibnitz

City of Leibnitz – JUFA marked as red pin


LUNCH & DINNER  Buffet Times at JUFA

BREAKFAST      ~8:00 – 10:00
LUNCH            ~13:00 – 14:30

DINNER           ~20:00 – 21:30  (on 31st of December dinner is at 19h)



Please book your place here latest until 15th of December




You can arrive any time during the day on 29.12. We will be at JUFA for big work of creating our sacred space in the dance hall. Already from the morning, so please do not enter in the dance hall until 17h.

Registration starts at 15h. You’ll find Jadranka and Stefania in the entrance hall. Please pay in cash for the workshop on the 29th of December at your registration.

Accomodation and food you will pay with JUFA directly when you arrive. Credit cards accepted. Do not transfer your payment for JUFA to us, as we will need to transfer it back and you will loose some money in this process.

If you are paying for the workshop with bank transfer to Association’s account please make sure that you pay the transfer charges of your bank and our bank, all of the transfer costs. Please be clear about that with your bank when you do the transfer! So that we receive the exact amount that you need to pay.

Here are the bank details:
„Ples ritmova“, B. Magovca 147, 10000 Zagreb.
Raiffeisen   Banka, Petrinjska 59, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
IBAN: HR5724840081101938238 
Reason of payment: 5Rhythms Workshop



We have a secret group on facebook called TRIBAL DANCE 2017

If you want to join us on facebook, please follow the link, we will confirm you to become a member.


This group can help you to organize your travel, find room mates and

we will post this and that to increase your and our anticipation.

If you can’t access the FB group befriend us here first:




If your children will stay with you at the JUFA, please send us their NAME and AGE and if an extra babysitter is coming with you, or if they are older and will take care of themselves.

This year we have Regina Cacan on bord, who will do childcare for Tribal Dance, for kids from 4 years old.



  • it is warmly recommended to have a blanket with you in the dance space, that can also become a pillow for sitting when sharing and meditating or putting under your head.
  • comfortable clothes for moving, best in layers. You can dance barefoot or in non-slippery socks or any kind of in-door footwear that your feet/knees need for long time movement
  • for Dance Pilgrimage that will happen on New Year’s Eve, please dress in something in GOLD color or have some GOLDEN As gold as you can be!!!
  • for Tree Ceremony dance bring clothes so that you are all dressed in white, or shades of white. No patterns, text and images on T-shirt, just clear simple white
  • make sure you always have your water bottle with you (we suggest to have your name on it)
  • bring a pencil to write and your journal if you use one
  • check weather report before you pack your clothes, so to make sure you are equipped for going out into nature. There is nice walking around the JUFA



If you are staying in JUFA, do not burn candles or sage or incense sticks as they have a very sensitive fire alarms, and if you switch it on, you need to pay the costs of firemen coming to check on the building! 
Also if you have chosen meat menu option, do not eat from vegetarian menu options, as in that case there is not enough vegetarian option for vegetarians and they can not eat the meat you ordered but didn’t eat that meal. 


that are not in this letter, you might find on the website:


For any questions feel free to contact us: tribaldance5r@gmail.com



 Jadranka +385 98 1768 274

Let’s come together as a tribe, a moving breathing changing community where each of us can share their gifts and receive from others. Let’s come together to play with the tribal medicine of being, dancing, praying, celebrating and loving together.

Silvija and Thierry

Jadranka and Stefania and Kathrine

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together becomes reality.”  John Lennon