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Restaurant Vegehop is a place where the warm and soothing atmosphere refresh your mind and body.

By combining ecological whole grains, legumes, sprouts, seaweed, super-foods and other foods rich in nutrients, a top restaurant chefs create a harmony of colors, flavors and aromas and a feast for your senses. Brown and red rice, bulgur, millet, quinoa, amaranth, tofu, seitan, tempeh, in whole wheat flour, chickpeas, buckwheat and spelled, various germs and algae and other healthy food are an integral part of the daily menu. Other services offered include moussaka, lasagna, tortillas, integral pasta, fresh salads …

Savor the variety of cakes made with natural sweeteners such as agava syrup, brown sugar, cane and dried fruit. There will be something for fans of raw food as well, and those allergic to gluten will not go hungry.

Refresh yourself with freshly squeezed juices of fruits or vegetables, fruit shakes, energizing smoothies, tea, cereal coffee or with popular ginger drink . In Vegehop are many ways to act and think “green”. Most of the packaging is biodegradable (from corn cobs) and microorganisms can degrade it in less than a month.

Enjoy the variety of colors, smells and tastes!

Thank you for choosing healthier for themselves and for the planet Earth.

Saturday 16.03.2019.

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Sunday 17.03.2019.

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