MOĆ LJUBAVI 2 razina Ritam srca Modul 5
5RITMOVA ® radionica vodi Silvija Tomčik
10 Svibanj - 12 Svibanj 2019., Beč
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“We all want to love and be loved. Love is the natural order, the main attraction, the mover of nations, the bees in the spring, the tender touch, the first and the last word. It is like gravity, a mysterious force that ties all the things together, the heart’s memory of being in the womb and the oneness before the Big Bang. The vastness of the sky is equaled by the vastness of the heart.” Jack Kornfield


In this Ongoing group through our 5 modules we will explore love’s many faces, from love for ice-cream, romantic love and crazy love, to brotherly/sisterly love, parental love and devotional love. And let’s not forget the love for no reason. Movement practice is one of the best ways I know to embody love, as it asks for the whole body’s involvement and presence. We dance with both opening and closing of our hearts really knowing the difference and how each of these places serve us. We will continue the adventure of getting to know our emotions and what each of them has to do with loving and being loved. We use any meeting with each other on this journey as a mirror of our own heart, its emptiness and fullness, its troubles and joys, its wisdom and its innocence. As our hearts get juicy again, our sexuality is awakened in our moving bodies, so we will explore the connection between our emotional and sexual life, as well as how dance and moving meditation can serve our sexual healing.

The group will dance and dive deeper together for five modules over a year. The continuity in this type of work together with the exploratory work we do between modules creates and provides a strong, safe and supporting group space for our sharing and learning. Our life becomes our dance, and our dance becomes our life.

Silvija Tomčik, Certified 5Rhythms® Teacher (Waves and Heartbeat level) and Member of the Teaching Staff of 5Rhythms® Global. Silvija has been teaching 5 Rhythms for 16 years regularly, both nationally and internationally. She brings her passion in a grounded way, teaching in a clear and imaginative way, blending humour with wisdom.


16-18.03. 2018.
22-24.06. 2018.
05-07.10. 2018.
08-10.02. 2019.


Prerequisites: one Ongoing group or Trilogy or 5 single weekend workshops (at least 2 Heartbeat) with Silvija

This ongoing group counts for 10 Days of Heartbeat level towards the 5Rhythms Teacher Training prerequisites.

Location: Hagenmuellergasse 30, 1030 Wien

Prices per module: Early booking until 15th of January 2018, price is 160 EUR. Full price is 180 EUR. Working team price is 100 EUR. Applications are necessary, with 70 EUR non-refundable deposit. In case you are unable to participate in one or more modules, for whatever reason, you will have to pay 70% of your price for that module/s.

Information and applications: Irene, [email protected], +43 664 2552441