“I have worked with Silvija for years. She is an excellent teacher, co-facilitator, friend, mother and human being. She embodies the five rhythms in a deep and profound way. She will take you all the way.”
“Your dedication is inspiring. Your passion is infectious. Your aliveness awakens. Your spirit calls us into the deeper mystery.”
“Silvija´s teaching is both grounded and spiritual. Light and deep at the same time. Powerful. Highly recommended.”
“The way Silvija holds the space, I feel respected, listened to, seen as the unique human being I am moreover part of a community of fully alive dancers. Having dance and sweat the wholehearted workshop with Silvija made it possible for my heart to integrate that every emotion is allowed in it. ”
“I cannot recommend Silvija enough. Silvija is a senior teacher and leads from a place of huge heart and deep-rooted “groundedness”. She is also F%^&ing Funny!!!!
“Thank you for your clarity, enthusiasm and also your curiosity and care – I have an experience of a human kindness in you which is incalculable in its worth – yes very precious. It’s like you cherish each person.”
“I try not to have favourite 5Rhythms teachers, but I fail! Silvija is one of my favourite 5Rhythms teachers. The clarity of glass, the wild fluidity of a whirlpool, the determined strength of an oak tree and the compassion of a very human heart – wrapped up with humour and honesty. I love that I can call her a colleague and a friend. ”
“Silvija’s passion for 5Rhythms is contagious!”
”Silvija offers a solid and no-drama space for us to become fluid and learn how to move, with our own two feet, thru our emotions. She offers a very well crafted opportunity for us to connect to our hearts and let them speak, whisper, shout and sing. Deep gratitude!”
“Silvija’a teaching is warm and clear, a fine balance of strong clarity and tender vulnerability. She is respectful of the vulnerability of the human heart, while standing strong in her commitment to do what is needed. I felt that we were on a journey together and together we would face the risks of letting the heart be.”
“Silvija embodies 5Rhythms in the most natural, humbling and human way. Her life is her inspiration for the dance floor and in that way her teaching goes straight to the heart. I wish I was her neighbour and could enjoy her teaching, her dance, her wisdom and humor more often. Recommended!”
“Silvija’s way of teaching? Strong and soft, passionate and gentle, wise and tactful, straight and humble, modern and ancient. She knows most of the places, you were. She’s a woman with all of the amazing dark and soft feminine energies, what can you seduce for the rhythms. She’s a mother who accepts you as you are. She is a warrior healer, who helps you facing with your shadows without a judgement, and helps to break through them. She is a teacher, who shows the path, but let you to be free. Dancing with her guiding, you can go to your edges safe. She is a midwife, who helps you to be born in your real self.”
”Silvija has the rare perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies in her presence that render her teaching powerfully solid and clear as well as nourishingly rich. She weaves her magic with her words, ever so full of colourful analogies that ground the work in unforgettable beautiful verbal expressions… These words that impart humour’s lightness as well as lifetimes of deep wisdom. Most importantly, her knowledge, full presence, energy and movement inspire any body to fall in love with the 5Rhythms practise from the first encounter. She is truly a master!”
“I experience Silvija as someone vital, honest and present. The way she speaks and teaches, she is one with what is. This brings everyone to the here and now with passion and compassion. Her humor and respect at the same time are contagious to the group and make her work both deep and transformational.”
Milena Nenkova
Director of Essence Foundation, Bulgaria