“Yesterday night, when You said that You are one of seven teachers in Zagreb I was patient enough and wait until this moment to tell:  Yes, You are one of seven teachers…
and You are The only one Male teacher in Zagreb’s teacher’s community…
A Man who brought a new wisdom and possibilities into a community of women’s teachers…
A Teacher who is brilliantly engaged with integration of various knowledge and experiences and generous in sharing all gifts with dancers…
A human who is brave and patient, with clear mind, vital body and loving heart.”



“A teacher who grounds you with the quality of a stream and lightness of transition: from being deeply present in the music he plays, to suddenly engaging in powerful movements in the midst of our free dancing. A sophisticated foreigner, like a cloud/sun/rain/city/and mist, vulnerable and brave, dedicated, turned inwards and shining from within with his smile. He is able to create a surprising amount of trust in a dance space. What I love the most: that I don’t have to see him and I know he is there, exactly how much I need him to be. He is awe-inspiring. Merci Thierry.”



“I don’t know how to dance. At the same time your way of teaching has given me confidence that it isn’t important to know, but to connect with yourself, and then with others. There is dose of pride in me about this weekend. I am glad I confronted my fears and insecurities about my appearance and lack of experience and I simply let go. You made it very easy, as well as the group. I have the impression that I came to the perfect group which made me feel accepted and affirmed as a whole person. And for that I thank you. I have already told you that this workshop and you as a person have been so important to me that I will never forget you (I am referring to what you helped move inside me). I hope to keep on dancing, and I thank you for being authentic, vulnerable, open and above all – a human being, then a teacher. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”



“Thierry is one of those people who doesn’t assert himself, yet somehow keeps being noticed in a very natural way. That’s how he leads these workshops. Everything happens like it’s the most natural thing in the world, with plenty of humor and lightness. Almost by itself. And the choice of music for dancing is excellent. Transformations that I experienced at the last Geštalt and 5Rhythms cycle were so subtle and gentle, that I didn’t even notice they were happening. After the workshop I noticed that I was reacting differently to events in my life. Then I remembered, of course, that’s what we worked on. That process of transformation is best described if I compared it to the process of melting a salt clump in a bowl of water. That process is inevitable, peaceful, it happens effortlessly and stress-free, and after that neither the salt nor the water are the same ever again. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to do serious work, initiate changes, and have good fun in a relaxed atmosphere.



“Silence. That is the word I would use to describe Thierry. Silence. That says so much – I see you, I hear you, I accept you, come and relax. Silence. Never more pleasant than when Thierry is in the room. I mean, it’s not like the man doesn’t speak, but this is the first thing that popped into my mind. I have danced with his guidance in the morning, in the evening, in the middle of the day, the whole day, a weekend and already his choice of music showed me that you enter the wave with him through many doors. Sometimes those doors are small and round, sometimes colorful and narrow or lead to the basement, but Thierry’s ever gentle voice is encouraging me to dare to open them. When the Gestalt Thierry enters the stage the above mentioned, metaphorical and abstract, turns into specific, clear, authentic, and spiced with humor. It was at one of his Gestalt workshops that I consciously dared to enter my fear for the first time and it was because I knew and truly felt he was there for me with his deep respect and acceptance. Thank you and until another silence.”



“I gladly come to Thierry’s workshops and I love his grounded and soft way of guiding me to connect with my body and feelings. Thierry is very subtle, unobtrusive, yet again his workshops are deep and real. The morning wave is an awakening experience for me, an energy boost, fulfilling and gentle opening to greet the day that is beginning.”



When you know what you need, and when you don’t, somehow you get it from Thierry…..When you think you will not be able to move, to connect with yourself and others, he offers beautiful, subtle support through gentle guidance, a gaze, music….And makes you feel alive.
In fact, it is very hard for me to describe only with words everything that Thierry provides as a teacher, but if I express it artistically – I would describe it as a supportive clay base with dents and openings on which multiple colors are expanding and shrinking and spilling all over. Feeling of acceptance and freedom to be who I am. I am deeply grateful and happy to have such a teacher in my life.

“You want to be yourself? Do it.

You want to be you? You are.

Just feel. Just let go.

This liberating meditation in movement with silent and neutral presence of a teacher who guides discretely, but doesn’t define, will help you reveal the undiscovered paths of your soul whose truth you will want to turn into words that will be absorbed with eyes wide open. Somebody here is listening. Somebody is here. Somebody who doesn’t judge.

Every word heals, every movement frees, every bar reminds you of the joy of life.

Dig and then fold.

Break then put together.

You want to be yourself? Be.

You want to be yourself? You are.

Here you go. Take it.”