TRILOGY, BODY, HEART, SOUL, 24.-26.03.2017.

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We are Sandra and Danko, the so-called Sandy & Danx, representatives of our culinary empire ” Cook Stars ”.

We are both passionate lovers of cooking, but what put us together and above all the other is the unity of Our diversity that enriches us as the versatile culinary virtuosos. We are a union of Fire and Water, East and West, Heaven and Earth, and each of our culinary creations is laced with the mutual Love … We are confident that the quality of each meal depends mostly on the spice with which you prepare food and energy which you create it, and our spices are mutual love that unites us in cooking and energy ministry in cheerflul spirit of our cuisine. Danko is self-effacing yogi, spiritual inquisitive person who has traveled several times to India and loved cooking since he was little boy, but I am a country girl and since an early age I’ve been revealing wide horizons of America and I has been always looking for role models in cooking. Danko’s most creative chef that I know, someone who creates the colors and flavors in magical creations and secret recipes 🙂

Food is an essential and inseparable part of every assembly and association, anr believe that our meals are revigorating and especially convinient for dancers providing a compensation for energy through delicious meals after which remains plenty of energy for further dance 🙂 ..


SATURDAY, 25.03.2017.



Brown rice vegetable risotto / seitan steak (light vegetable protein) / Fresh salad     price: 50,00kn (7EUR)


Brown rice vegetable risotto / roasted chicken wings stew / Fresh salad    price: 50,00kn (7EUR)



Large pancake with homemade fruit&choco spread      price: 15,00kn (2EUR)

Choco muffin cijena: 15 kn (2EUR)

SUNDAY, 26. 03. 2017.



Vegetable thick soup with tofu ( light soy protein) / Roasted homemade spiced bread / Fresh salad  price: 50,00kn (7EUR)


Barley and beef thick soup / Roasted homemade spiced bread / Fresh salad  price: 50,00kn (7EUR)

Dessert / Desert

Large pancake with homemade fruit&choco spread price: 15,00kn (2EUR)

Hazelnuts pudding  price: 20kn (2,80EUR)

Notice: Ingredients can vary depending on monthly, weekly and daily local organic market offer.

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