Waves: Voice and Vision


Book by Silvija Tomčik


Alisa Barry, Ana Cvjetićanin, Andrea Höß, Anne Paré, Caroline van de Ven, Darko Hren, Ivana Ognjanovac, Juan Bernabeu, Kata Máthé, Kathrine Schmidt, Liz Collier, Rauha Hartt, Sabina Mikelić , Sanja Gerovac, Saskia Trinkaus, Sonja Hellmann, Stefania Kregel, Suzana Gajdek, Timea Marušić Hren, Vesna Šantak

It all started with a growing voice....

At the beginning, in 2017, I started writing something like a blog that I would send in monthly newsletters promoting the program of „Dance of the Rhythms“ association. It helped me a lot to have this regular and steady rhythm of writing, especially on days I struggled with inspiration and discipline. My writing was growing with this continuing practice of putting in words what I love about 5Rhythms and what I learn from this map and this practice. One of the things I loved the most was to create these writing Waves. So, after receiving consistent positive feedback from those who read my newsletter on how much they enjoyed these writings, as well as numerous encouraging suggestions to write a book, I decided on a first step: My first book would be a variation on the collection of all the Waves I wrote so far.

Then the vision got more colorful...

Usually, my year would be filled up with many workshops around the world, and each of those workshops would be an opportunity to work with different artists from the 5Rhythms community who would create unique installations or paintings or flyer images . And since spring 2020, with COVID-19 lockdowns, I not only missed dancing with people in the same space, but I also missed this inspiring and sacred art that enriched and blessed me and the work I was offering. That is when I got the idea to bring my words/my voice with their vision. I asked these 20 artists if they would offer a piece of their art (for most of them it was actually 5 pieces, one for each of the 5Rhythms) to this book and they all said yes. Every time I would receive their art by email, it felt like Christmas to open the attachment and welcome the surprise. They all had total freedom on the content of their vision and the media they would use, as long as the format corresponded to the text of the written Wave they each chose to work with. Nobody knew what the others would do, and so they are just now finding it out how it all came together (The final reveal).
My hope is that this would work like a source of inspiration when you begin your day or when you begin your practice at home or when you begin teaching a class or a workshop as a 5Rhythms teacher. Maybe this would be a part of the installation, opened randomly… I will be happy to hear from you about different ways this book touches you and supports you in your practice and in your life.


Book dimensions are  28×28 cm with soft covers, 56 pages, full colour. 
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