January 2020


“If only we could drop judgement and move to a place of peace beyond struggle where there is nothing to be fixed, nothing to be changed, nothing to regret or even wish for. We would know then that we were living our destiny.” GABRIELLE ROTH


This is my prayer for new 2020, that was born from the fullness and magnificence of Tribal Dance workshop that danced 145 dancers from Old to New Year, from Flowing to Stillness, from separation to connection, from individual to tribal, from fear to courage. Special thanks to everybody who made this possible.

May I follow my destiny in the fluidity of Flowing.
May I speak my heart in the clarity of Staccato.
May I soften around my pain in the depths of Chaos.
May I share my light in the lightness of Lyrical. 
May I rest in peace in the silence of Stilness.

with love,