April 2017.

“Our bodies are the root of our true selves, the home of our soul. Our desire to constantly change and control our bodies indicates a deep distrust of our souls. But in denying our bodies’ natural processes we deny their earthy, sensual source of wisdom. Not the kind of wisdom you’ll find in the library, but a spontaneous, instinctive wisdom that illuminates the present moment.” Gabrielle Roth


Today while I was cycling I laughed at myself for being surprised by the power of spring every year. Also, at how I manage to forget about it in the wintertime. Nevertheless, thanks to this oblivion, the surprise was all the merrier, fuller, and greener.

I am pretty sensitive to the winter cold and it is the time of year when I rarely go out of the house, unless it’s to a restaurant, a bookshop, or a dance hall. I enjoy watching winter landscapes only in photos, on Facebook, or out of the moving car as we pass through Gorski Kotar (mountains) on our way to sunny Opatija (seaside) without stopping. So now that I go out cycling or walking in the woods, it is as if my soul is returning to my body, expanding, surrounded by nature that awakens all my senses. I am grateful, and moved. I start making plans, and promises. I want to absorb all the sunshine I can during this time of year, I want to be charged by movement, and breathe as much clean air as possible so that this time I can make it a little longer into the winter before I go into hibernation. I know very well that the only way to achieve this is to do it regularly, be persistent, find company whenever I don’t feel like doing something on my own, to respect the waves of my energy, to be creative when challenges come, to surrender when I want to quit.

I really like feeling how my body loves moving. How movement is completely natural to the body. When I enter the exploration zone, I feel like a child again and it is great to squat, my elbows are brilliant, it’s cool to spin so fast that I almost fall down on my bum. At the moment I am strongly feeling how my feet like to be in motion, and I can feel their power, and I want to explore how far they can take me. I enjoyed Module 1 of the Zagreb Trilogy, whose topic was loud and clear and powerful: BODY. After 16 years of teaching, going back to the most basic basics, the most grounded exercises – our only home, our nest, made to our measure, our magic bus which can take us to where we have never gone before – was priceless! I was thoroughly charged, reconnected, and I can feel my own body as a trusted teacher who is enormously patient with me. So I can’t wait the 1st module of the next Trilogy in Spain, with the topic: 5Rhythms! I believe strongly in building strong foundations and I know how far they can take us.

With love, Silvija