March 2017.

“It doesn’t matter where we come from or how we grew up or whether we can or can’t dance. Movement is medicine, and whether we feel clumsy or graceful, it heals us. Real learning happens when we show up and move because the body can’t lie. It lets us know right away if we’re feeling closed or open, fixed or fluid, tight or loose, off or on.” Gabrielle Roth


Dear all, I am just recovering from the big bad flu that for the past few weeks had crushed me to bed and it was a real reset. It was also a very close encounter with listening and following my own body because I really had no other choice. This has been a great test for how much I really trust my body, now when it was in the midst of illness. The opportunity to practice compassion for my total vulnerability (as my immune shield fell down, so did the one around my heart) and receiving help that is still so difficult to ask for when the child in me feels that I need to get it even without asking. While I was in so much pain even just lying in my bed, my body kept relentlessly asking for my attention. Asking if is it easier for me to lie on my side or on my back, whether is it better to fold or arch my spine …Pain that makes me wanna get out of the body and that is tensing and holding back my breathing, is now so strongly asking me to be “at home” and breathe more relaxed than usual . And so this very special friendship between my body and me, which is a mix of hiding and pushing and arguing, continues to grow. In sickness and in health, in a slow or fast pace, on the back or on the feet, alone or with a partner – I keep sensing how to move or how to be still – and both are essential parts of the dance. And in both of these states I want to be present, awake, connected with that which is the most essential.

Love, Silvija