April 2019

“Dance is the most immediate way of expressing the body’s essential rhythms; dance is spontaneous, universal – watch how children respond to music, and remember that every human culture has its dance forms, embodying varying rhythms.” GABRIELLE ROTH

When you feel like you have lost your ground, like you are not following your own destiny, practice finding your feet that will find their ground and let them take you back into your Flowing.
In the kingdom of Flowing you might find your home.
When you feel all that you are doing has lost its juice and the tension is wrapped around your heart, practice moving your hips together with your heart and let them take you straight into your Staccato.
Riding the Staccato horse you might find your passion.
When you feel the pain of wanting to be right all the time and the confusion because of all the questions in your head, practice letting go of your head by moving it slow and then fast, left and then right, up and then down, and let this dance take you deep into your Chaos. 
In the waves of Chaos you might find your freedom. 
When you feel disconnected from the beauty of this moment and like your soul is wandering alone without you, practice being curious about your arms, hands and fingers and the way they can hide from each other, disagree with each other, fall in love with each other and surprise each other and let them seduce you into your Lyrical.
In the expansion of Lyrical you might find your space. 
When your breath is so shallow that you are not sure if you are still alive and your spirit has left the house, practice the connection between the movement and the breath again and again and let this draw you closer to your Stillness.
In the center of Stillness you might find your peace.
With love, Silvija