June 2016.

“Without grounding in our bodies, we’re like lightning, occasionally destructive, most often dissipated in a flash. To harness our power, we need to enter the deep dark of our bodies and truly become “guardians of god’s light.” GABRIELLE ROTH


One of many things I love about the 5Rhythms practice and Gabrielle Roth’s teachings, is the way it brings together what has become separated and in some kind of conflict: body and spirit, our inner feminine and masculine energy, rest and movement, darkness and light. The more I dance, the more I know and feel that these are impossible to actually separate, they live thanks to each other, they inform each other, they inspire each other, and it is most important to me to find their common language – the movement.

And if I really want to get to know myself, get to find myself, get to love myself, I need to go on this journey through all and each of them.

For a person who finds it hard, even almost impossible, to learn through big fat books and printed information, it has been such a gift and huge relief to find a practice where I am learning through movement, through physical, through all my six senses, through direct experience and personal exploration. I am happy to get again and again the change to get to know my body, and to get to know it as this celestial-earthy instrument, that as any other instruments loves to be tuned, even fine tuned.

Sometimes it’s my hips being nourished by Flowing, my elbows get clear through Staccato, my feet find their wild side in Chaos, my shoulders are grateful for the lightness of Lyrical and my head finally finds peace in Stillness.

How are you fine tuning your body thisĀ June? As always, we are full of dancing invitations. Welcome

Love, Silvija