June 2019


“We don’t have to wait till we’re eighty-seven to experience stillness. We contain our future within us. Any time we are ready we can access the lessons of stillness: wisdom, compassion, and inspiration.” GABRIELLE ROTH


Silence needs empty space
Silence needs the fullness of surrender
Silence is hiding in the depths
Silence dances right on the top
Silence asks for all or nothing, or perhaps both
Silence has the sound of a heartbeat
Silence gets closer on the inhale
Silence stretches out on the exhale
When the body has told all the stories that I keep even from myself – silence.
When the heart has let go of the shame for what I am and the guilt for what I am not – silence.
When the mind has sweated off all the options for avoiding the present moment – silence.
When the soul has found another soul which it feels at home with – silence.
When the flow of breath has become completely free in absolute trust – silence.
I am afraid of disappearing in silence.
I hunger for the nourishment of silence.
I take delight in my reassembling in silence.
I am grateful for the stillness in silence.

I hope we will meet there…
With love,