June 2020

“A spiritual practice requires discipline, the willingness and commitment to show up not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. It points the way to infinity allowing you to feel the full force of your creative genius, to make yourself up from scratch again and again….
Practice should never become routine, something you do by rote, unconsciously, mindlessly.” GABRIELLE ROTH

I am passionately fascinated with how we can turn all those things that we usually use as excuses for not moving, for not joining the dance, for separating and isolating ourselves, for quitting, for abandoning ourselves – into the very inspiration for how we can move. And from that place creating the bridge for our connection, through vulnerability into intimacy with others. In all these places, and many more, I would find myself pulling a hand break on my dance, leaving my body alone, cold and hungry, holding my breath and closing my eyes, hiding in the corner, pushing myself out of a circle or pushing myself in the centre of it, drowning in the shame, guilt and blame. This practice has given me enough tools of awareness and embraces of compassion to approach myself gently in those places and those moments and remind myself that this too can move.

Because I am tired, I move this way. 
Because I am lost, I move this way.
Because I am in pain, I move this way.
Because I am insecure, I move this way.
Because I am turned on, I move this way.
Because I am proud, I move this way.
Because I am blushing, I move this way.
Because I am needy, I move this way.

In all these places, and many more, I would stop my Flowing, I would adjust my Staccato, I would control my Chaos, I would diminish my Lyrical and I would walk away from my Stillness.
This practice is teaching me how to turn my need to slow down, go low and go inside into the most nourishing Flowing, how to discipline my no-filter honesty into loving kindness clarity Staccato, how to ride the fire of the edge and dissolve into my deepest softness Chaos, how to give permission to my endless variations and variables and patterns and vibrations to be an on-going process and dance in progress Lyrical, how to receive the abundance of emptiness in Stillness. 

I hope you are finding different ways your practice can hold you, support you, release you, inspire you, connect you in these days of your life. It is my true honour and pleasure, gift and blessing, responsibility and learning to be holding space for your practice. 

With love