May 2020

“Every time I dance I shed the skin of separateness and I feel the frequency of the tribe.”  Gabrielle Roth


At the end of one of my online classes, there were tears being felt and some released, and one of the dancers expressed how much he misses people. That went straight into my heart. 
And another dancer spoke beautifully: “this kind of sadness of losing someone is a reminder of how fortunate I have been to have had these persons in my life”. That landed so warm to my already opened heart.
As the doors of my own sadness were gently pushed open by the presence of dancers and the dance through many zoom screens on my own big screen, I decided to follow in this direction. 
To really feel what and who I miss, and to allow myself to plunge bravely into those good memories that are keeping my hopes safe. 
Maybe the most important thing that I am missing and that I feel I have lost during these social distancing and quarantine days, is this 5Rhythms Tribe. Its taste, smell, sound, touch, colours, vibration. Its freedom, its holding, its intimacy, its wilderness, its diversity, its unity.
I love the things I find out within myself when we get together.
I love how I can let go of “me, me, me” when we get together.
I love the juice of our sexuality without having sex. 
I love the the depth of our intimacy without words. 
I love to let my feet fall in love with looking for empty space in a room full of people doing just the same.
I love that feeling of “coming home” when I join a group in any country. 
I love how this map helps to show me where I am, right now, right here, not so much where I need to go. 
I love how I can dance emotions that I can not name, feelings that I can not organise. Emotions that I am afraid of, feelings that I want to share. 
I love how not only  we meet on the dance floor from all the ages of life, but we can dance all ages of our life. Folding like a foetus, cooing like a baby, wobbling like a toddler, skipping like a kid, walking the edge as a teenager, breaking through as an adolescent, exploring as a mature woman and blossoming generously as a wise woman. 
I love how I can be creative and artistic for the pure joy of it, for the healing powers of transformation when I dance, sing, paint, write and act. I love how we can be each other’s mirrors, showing up with all the faces and outfits and scripts of our ego characters on the journey to our naked soul. 
I love how we move from “I don’t want to move and I can not move and I will not move” to disappearing into the dance and being moved by the breath. 
I love the power of the circle, when we stand up or sit down in the circle, holding hands, sharing our highs and lows, giving and receiving, honouring how each of us has a different perspective on the same thing from their own place in the circle. 
I love that I am a student of this practice, that I am a teacher of this practice, and I love those mind-blowing, awesome, inspiring, life changing moments when I become the teaching. 
I love you, and I miss you.