November 2019


“Dancing the 5Rhythms is about waking up to your most essential nature, stretching your intuition and imagination as surely as your body. It’s a formless form, one that expands your range of physical and emotional expression and introduces you to forgotten parts of your self.” Gabrielle Roth


I want to feel safe when my feet touch the floor. I want to relax the weight of my body into the earth, into my steps and our common circles. I want to get comfortable within my own body, to feel my soft inside adjusting itself to feel as comfortable as possible.

I raise my head up to let our eyes meet. I draw the boundaries with my elbows, I center my attention with my hips, I steer my knees through the space, I tell the truth with the heart in my chest. I respect the sharpness of the edges, I listen to the clarity of the exhalation, I see that each beginning has its end.
It is as if I have plunged and I feel the thoughts fluttering on the surface, but they’re no longer touching me. The body is so wild that it unbridles my mind which begins to create outside the box. It’s as if I’m plugged in some self-sustaining, non-polluting energy source. As if I had never had shackles, as if I had always known how to love, as if my poison is also my cure, as if my wound is at the same time my blessing, as if my vulnerability is also my strength.

Swaying. Bouncing. Vibrating. Shivering. Swelling. Hopping. Floating. Shimmering. Fluttering. Pattering. Skipping. Crawling. Gliding. Kicking.  Swinging. Mingling. Drooling. Cooing. Gasping. . Hiccuping.

The echo of silence. The spiral of infinity. Resting in my own embrace. Recognition in the mirror. The breath is on the house. 

with love, Silvija